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What is next for the Downtown Bus Service Review?


DBRS Phases Diagram

The Downtown Bus Service Review began in summer 2013 and is just wrapping up Phase 2.


Hi Buzzer readers – a big thank you to everyone who participated in Phase 2 of the Downtown Bus Service Review! More than 300 of you attended the open houses in April and provided us with close to 1,000 completed questionnaires in-person and online.

The upside of receiving such great input is that we heard about issues and opportunities that are so important to the community. The other side of the coin is that with all these new ideas to consider and reasons to reanalyze some options, the team needs to take more time to provide recommendations.

More time? Yep more time. We are working closely with our partners at the City of Vancouver and really appreciate your continued enthusiasm for this project.

While we continue our technical work to identify the best possible solutions to the issues raised during consultation, we want to share what we heard with you. See the Consultation Summary for more details.

Stay tuned for Phase 3 — where we’ll present the final results of the review.

For anyone who missed our earlier posts on this process, more details can be found here and here.

Author: Angela Salehi


  • By Evan, June 18, 2014 @ 12:13 pm

    Just wondering, will the 2013 transit system performance documents be released soon? The 2011 and 2012 ones were released around this time in their perspective years.

  • By Jordan, October 6, 2014 @ 10:43 am

    I’m looking forward to the next steps in the Downtown bus review. Lots of good concepts! One thing I noticed in the North Shore transit plan is to extend Georgia bus lanes to 7pm, daily (was opposed to just weekdays). I think this would compliment most of the proposed changes for downtown riders. To me, this seems like one of the simplest improvements, but there hasn’t been any changes. Is there something with the City of Vancouver holding this back? I hope the Georgia bus lanes will finally strip free Sunday parking on Georgia street and introduce eastbound bus/HOV lanes, as congestion can be just as bad entering downtown as it is leaving.

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