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Links and Tidbits – March 10, 2017

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

»   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. PERSONAL GROOMING ON TRANSIT IS A NO GO!

»   Single and looking? Get on the subway! Maybe your soulmate is at the next stop.

»   Then perhaps celebrate Valentines Day on transit, too!

»   More love on transit for V-Day!

»   ^^Set your phasers on transit!

»   The world’s Purple Prince lives on at Union Station in NYC.

»   How much would you pay for an original Times Square subway sign? $100? $1000? How about 150K?!? (At time of publishing this blog, the sticker price had risen to $207,957.85)

»   Ever feel cramped on transit? This artist captures all-too-familiar faces of the rush hour commuter.

»   What if bike maps looked like subway maps??

»   Feeling historic? Watch this documentary on the first subway.

»   The wheels on the bus just got cool…well, cool-ER.

»   Zebra train runs through Boston to bring awareness to rare diseases.

»   ^^ Experience the NYC subway in 1949!

Dubai wants to make 25% of car trips driverless by 2030, and it’s starting with Tesla taxis

»   Stockholm, Sweden remains one of the coolest cities for subway art design!

»   Check out this awesome one-stop transit shop curated by one of our very own Buzzer blog readers!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – January 20, 2017

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

»   Have you heard? TransLink has kicked off a bevy of transit improvements with the 10-Year Vision!

»   Rotterdam transit in the Netherlands is going cashless!

»   If you need some help with your transit etiquette, take a look at this handy list of “how not to be a jerk on transit.”

»   Transit makes beautiful music in this new subway inspired musical.

»   Vancouver wasn’t the only city to drop trou’ for a transit ride this winter. Check out our T. dot counterparts!

»   Trump’s face seems to be everywhere lately… including transit maps? Once seen, cannot unsee!

»   Why is everyone trying to tell us all the germs and bacteria that live on transit?? *shudder*

»   NYC’s got a brand new subway line – one that was planned nearly a century ago and it’s got some amazing art pieces.

New York City plans to save the post-election “Subway Therapy” sticky notes forever

»   More books on transit – this time in New Zealand. I full support this awesome movement

»   ^^ This 11-year-old is channeling some Lucy from Peanuts by offering advice for a small fee in the subway.

»   Like transit swag? Check out these mini metro maps turned into pins, wall hangings and even mugs!

»   14 NYC subway facts that will cause you anxiety.

»   Now, 14 unappreciated subway moments that make your day.

»   Trolley bus fans unite! Looks like the tech some of our fleet uses is pretty popular.

»   This new gear for cleaning subway track sucks. No, really!

Model on anti-smoking bus shelter ad coughs when smokers walk by

»   Dogs needs bus tours too!

»   The next time you need to hold on while riding the SkyTrain, why don’t you check out this transit hack!?

»   The London Underground is attempting a new way to help those with hidden disabilities on transit. What’s your take?

»   So, you think you can plan a rapid transit system? Have at it with yet another “build your own subway” game!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits December 9, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

IMG_1243»   A journey from dropping out of college to taking on Detroit’s transit problems.

»   Public displays of affection on transit. What’s your take? Some transit agencies actually ban kissing!

»   As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Hermione already…

Emma Watson Has Taken to Hiding Free Books on Public Transit

»   Take a look at the history (and when it was abandoned) of electric rail transit in Hamilton, Ontario.

GoOpti, a ride-sharing platform for European shuttle bus services, raises €4.4M funding

»   In Bristol, UK, there are apparently 9 most annoying bus passengers. Do you fit the bill for any of these transit courtesy offenders?

»   Buses. Great for transporting people AND stuffing full of food for the Calgary food bank!

»   Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try this! *shakes head*

»   Pittsburgh reporter pens a love letter to public transit.

»   Are these driverless pods the future of mass transit?? What’s your take?

»   Some consider graffiti as art, others see it as vandalism. Whatever your take, the graffiti that has adorned subways over the years have made a statement.

»   Say hello to the 12 most beautiful subway stations from around the world. My fave is Kungsträdgården Metro Station in Sweden – because it looks like an awesome cave!

»   Pet owners can get pretty creative when taking their pooches on transit.

»   Throwback! Berlin is set to use retro trains from the 1950s on their system today!

Unearthing the secrets of New York City’s subway including phantom tunnels and underground gardens!

»   Meet the voice of Ottawa’s transit! [ICYMI: We actually have our own voice star for our transit here in Metro Vancouver].

»   It’s difficult enough to get photos of anything in North Korea but this is awesome! Check out the mysterious (and one of the deepest underground transit systems in the world!) Pyongang subway system.

»   Have you ever wanted to build your own subway system? Wait no longer, friends and check out Mini Metro!

»   If you read this blog, we all know I love Halloween and costumes. Let’s look at the best the NYC subway system had to offer this year!

»   The pneumatic subway that almost was.

»   Buskers in the TTC take centre stage (really, they’re getting stages!) in and around the Toronto transit system.

»   The NYC subway system turned 112. Wow, it doesn’t look a day over 95!

»   Speaking of NYC… If you’ve been dying to know how rats got into subways in New York, well, this one’s for you!

»   After 35 years of service, Calgary bids farewell to their very first C-Train car as it takes one last trip.

»   Canadians band together on transit to make sure a man gets to a job interview on time! *heart!*

»   A subway style apartment? Um… I need to live here.

»   The coolest new electric bus out of China looks like an old tram car? That’s right – the Dang Dang is a mix of new and old transit!

»   The annual CP holiday train is riding the rails to bring holiday cheer across Canada.

»    Driverless delivery has been around far before Amazon. In 1927 London introduced Rail Mail!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – October 28, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

music on transit


»   GO Transit sees better behaviour from riders after this etiquette campaign.

»  Moovit attempts to streamline transit with their update app. Any reviews from users??

»   Transit movers and shakers are making a global difference!

»   Yowza! This self-driving shuttle bus has a fancy price tag to go with it.

»   I think we should “tune in” to each other on transit. I’d wear a button for Tube Chat!!

»   Another subway hero… with a beat that saved a life!

»   Solar powered subway. Reality or pipe dream?

How New York’s Subway Map Was Reimagined for Women

»   Need a map of some public transit agencies in America. How about ALL PUBLIC TRANSIT!?!

»   The map fun continues with this “30 minutes or less” San Francisco gem!

»   Turning firearms into fares in Halifax.

»   I would be absolutely fine being delayed to save a kitty on the tracks!

»   An abandoned New York City trolley tunnel could be the world’s first underground park! (Hopefully everything gets a good scrub before opening)

»   Learn about Montreal’s fascinating and controversial transit past.

»   ^^ When the opportunity arises, you have to shake your groove thing!

»   I think public transit art, in whatever form it takes, is my favourite. It really captures candid humanity. What do you think of these pieces?

»   Hmmm. Should we get some handsome anime mascots to promo TransLink?

»   Real life photos of the worst transit etiquette offenders!

»   A royal commute for those on this Amsterdam subway!

»   ^^ Panda Train! Panda Train in the sky!!

»   New Wayfinding signs for Ottawa. Just look for the big, red “O!”

»   What cities have the most people living near public transit? Read on and see!

»   Monorail. What’s it called? Monorail. That’s right! Shenzhen Monorail.

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – September 30, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

»   A new video game mirrors real life in Russia where dogs take the subway.

»   Proposal by bus blind! No other explanation needed.

»   Something definitely stinks at this bus shelter in Montreal as the city ramps up an anti-trash campaign.

»   We’ve seen this artist before but his continuing commuting doodles are simply too good not to share!

»   And I thought swings on playgrounds were fun! I would swing life away on this subway!

»   Love this! MTA looks for 5 artists to design station murals.

»   The “perfect commuting game?” I intend to test this theory!

»   Shhhh. The new Volvo bus is so quiet it alerts pedestrians when they’re near!

»   ICYMI: A beautiful couple got married on OUR SKYTRAIN!!

»   I think pranks are better left to hand buzzers and squirting lapel flowers. No one wants bugs thrown on them during their commute! (or any other time…)

Uniqlo’s NYC subway-inspired t-shirt collection hits stores

»   ^^I’d wear that!

»   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Manspreading is nothing new.

»   Keifer Sutherland gets the Ontario summer heat transit blues on the TTC.

»   The books on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.

»   Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. Meow.

»   ^^Lawyer, Guinness World Record Holder, KING OF THE NEW YORK SUBWAY SYSTEM!!

»   Yes, Olivia Wilde. All of the yes. See an obvious pregnant woman on transit? Give up your seat, people. She’s literally making a human.

»   Apple and Watermelon (a fun pun for those of you who know Japanese or can Google translate this) meet as the new iPhone 7 will have Apple Pay options for Japan travellers on the Suica card!

»   The MTA and Penguin Publishing join together to get the word out with Subway Reads.

»   This new electric bus from Proterra claims 350 miles (yes, miles!) to a single charge!

»   ^^Joseph Gordon Levitt is an actor, drummer and now, pretty sweet subway busker! Looks like he has some underground counterparts.

»   When advertising and real life meet. So meta!

»   He appreciates your offer but he doesn’t need a seat. He’ll just do THIS.

»   Perhaps ^^this guy has the right idea! A new study suggests standing during your commute is better for your health.

»   Much like the older TTC stations, each Berlin subway station is themed differently and has a distinct, artistic profile. FYI: THIS is my favourite TTC station.

»   Just when you thought the chance had passed, I went and saved the best for last!!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – August 26, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

Interior view of a panda-themed subway train of subway Line 3 in Chengdu city, southwest China's Sichuan province, 31 July 2016. A train full of Panda elements ran from Taipingyuan stop at 8:30 am on Sunday (31 July 2016), marking the official opening of the first phase of subway line 3 in Chengdu city, Southwest China's Sichuan province. During the initial operation of subway line 3, the trains operated from 6:30 am to 10:50 pm by charging passengers in accordance with their travel distances. With 2 yuan ($0.3) as the base rate, the line's total 17 stops, covering 20.3 km, cost only 4 yuan. The operation hours will be adjusted in accordance with the passenger flows. "Subway line 3, running through the urban center, will shorten the commuters' one-way travel time to 34 minutes. However, this also means an upcoming traffic burden for the line, which is expected to witness a daily passenger flow of 400,000," said an insider from Chengdu Subway.

»   This ^^ new subway and station in China is sheer panda-monium!

»   What’s on trend for Russian subway commuters? CRAZY! Check out these St. Petersburg residents trying to one-up each other with their commuting attire.

»   ” I couldn’t help it. It just popped in there… It’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.” (In Waterloo Station!)

»   This London, Ontario police office is using public transit for his job in a new way. Not a bad idea!

»   I know of a few local SkyTrain and bus fans who could relate to this awesome effort!

»   JUST TAKE MY MONEY! You can buy vintage pieces of MTA assets online!

»   Transit haute couture. Would you wear this?

»   Talk about some crabby commuters.

»   Ew. Boston subway is surely not the exclusive transit home to these microbes but I just don’t want to think about it!

»   There’s been subway pizza rat. Now meet subway bagel and cream cheese rat!

»   Worried you’re missing out on the latest social media fodder on your commute? You could always print it out like this woman!

»   NO. Nononononono clipping nails (toe or otherwise) on transit!

»   From NYC underground subway to a NYC underground park, Mr. Subway Symphony finds a home for his melodic tones.

»   From subway rapper to Netflix star just like that!

»   The Philadelphia subway vent guy saga continues!

»   LA Metro is serious about riders safety! Their new PSAs may showcase stick people, but the effect is real. What do you think? W

»   NYC always gets the cool tech! This StreetEasy map shows the best subway stops for singles.

»   This is real life. Be careful on transit and don’t make decisions like this – for Pokemon or any other reason!

»   Transit riders took a survey about what they want. What they really, really want.

»   Mercedes unveils their self-driving bus. It certainly looks slick! Thoughts?

»   You think your backpack (or others’ bags) are a nuisance on transit? What if you had to carry a 3D printer on your commute?

»   Edmonton bus shelters are going green by installing solar panels!

»   Retired subway trains make for great graffiti art spaces for this interesting festival.

»   MTA is looking to the future. What do you think of the proposed changes?

»   I would LOVE this! Although with this new subway strap design, there may be less ‘meetcutes’ on transit!

»   Transit heroes to the rescue again!

»   That must have been one holy ride.

»   Think you know better than MTA planners? Here’s your chance to prove it! Design your own NYC subway system.

»   A personalized portrait of your commute for your very own. What a fun and artistic endeavour!

»   Here’s a list of people who apparently should be BANNED FOREVER from transit. What’s your take? Anyone to add or save?

»   An awesome still-standing and soon to be restored 1916 Rochester subway train is the very last one!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – July 7, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

»   You think that ^^ this is heartbreak? Check out the video below!

»   D.C. subway turned water park. Yikes!

»   We can dance. We can go where we want to — including the subway. Meet the Showtime Kids aka We Live This!

»   Very meta bus ride there, Potter, very meta.

»   Creepy or forgivable transit behaviour? The staring, I cannot abide!

»   Farmers markets for commuters on the go (literally!) in Toronto. I want this!

»   Gotta catch’em all! Ash, is that you?

»   Some serious strap hanger heroes save the day.

»   Occasionally, bus drivers need some “emotional first-aid,” too.

»   A London subway experiment looks at escalators. What side do YOU stand on? (Fun fact, in Japan, each city could have different escalator etiquette. In Tokyo, you stand to the left but in Osaka, it’s the opposite)

»   Secrets of New York dishes the dirt on vintage NYC subway cars.


»   When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood. Who you gonna call?? I am loving this Ghostbusters inspired NYC subway map!

»   Another metro map redesign. This time for Paris. What do you think??

»   This bus driver’s love for her job is clear with her permanent and visual statement.

»   Body positive only in London’s transit ads thanks to the city’s major!

»   Brighton, U.K. is bus central with the highest number of bus trips per person outside of London.

»   This ^^Subway serenade gives new life to an oldie but a goody!

»   Usually, I’m not a fan of a full bus. But in this case, I’ll make an exception.

»   Office on the go! Tokyo installs quick-use desks and benches on platforms along the Ginza subway line. You know, for those moments when you just NEED to do some extra work.

»   Now I want to buy one of our Community Shuttles and adventure around like this guy!

»   Remember the mystery balloon artist on the NYC subway? He’s been found!

»   Helsinki gets the jump on everyone and fully integrates bike share into their transportation!

»   Remember that guy who stole subway trains not once, not twice but 30 times? He’s getting his own documentary!

»   Subway time can be more than that. Just take a look at these New Yorker cartoons!

»   Way to go, Croatia! We love our bus bike racks!

»   Well, we have self-driving trains. Are buses next?

»   Broadway and transit enthusiasts join together in this great new musical!

»   The newest transit/internet sensation – subway vent guy!

»   See what’s behind the sliding doors across the world.

»   A race to the beach! NYC subway vs an e-bike. Who will win? Watch and find out!

»   Ahhh!! Monsters on the subway!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – June 3, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

»   ^^Straddle bus – yay or nay?

»   Happy birthday, Buzzer! 100 years on local transit vehicles. Talk about standing the test of time!

»   Here comes the bride… on the train!

»   What a sweet moment to witness while on the bus!

»   From eating to grooming; man-spreading to blocking the doors. Are YOU guilty of these subway sins?

»   Now take a look at the results of this study to find out the worst subway sins in NYC.

»   Another celebrity transit sighting. This time, Dakota Fanning takes the subway!

»   ^^I just blew a cute fuse by watching this little baby beaver at a metro station in D.C.

»   Transit meets some delicious detours in Montreal with restaurants mapped right on the metro lines!

»   Check out this list of best places to live in the U.S. if you love transit!

»   Self-driving cars as public transportation in Beverly. Hills, that is. Swimmin’ pools, movie stars.

»   Transit is often the backdrop for scenes from movies, TV, ads and more but viral videos are adding up day by day! Take a look at these top viral videos shot on the subway. What’s your favourite?

»   The Donald is making an appearance in some altered NYC subway transit etiquette ads. Thoughts? :)

Moscow's metro

»   What is this? ^^ A palace? A castle? Nope, just Moscow’s gorgeous Metro stations! NBD.

»   Another beautiful Metro station, this time in Stockholm.

»   As a self-proclaimed transit people watcher, I think this photo project is pretty cool!

People find a lot of things in the subway, but a baby? Read about this incredible story and its happy ending!

»   Obviously, great photographer minds think alike! (These ones are a bit more retro)

»   ^^Looks like a hard lesson to learn, indeed. Save your face, pay your fares!

»   Pizza delivered right to my bus stop? I’m in!

»   San Francisco will soon allow you to rate your transit ride… and the etiquette (or lack thereof) fellow passengers.

»   What a great idea! The Imaginary Superbus art event and contest brought kids together to make art and poetry as a way to boost public transit use in Winnipeg.

»   ^^Modern dance meets transit at bus stops in Regina.

»   Dreaming of becoming a transit entertainer? Get the inside scoop from the MTA’s buskers.

»   Cars are winning the commuter war – or so they say. What’s your say?

»   What an absolutely perfect gift to give this special transit enthusiast.

»   View the gallery of real life woes of New Yorkers – most are transit related!

»   I would LOVE to find a fun balloon animal on the SkyTrain! What do you think of this man’s art?

»   This new take on an ad campaign in Paris Metro stations aims to encourage riders to visit the real works in local museums.

»   A decades long quest to draw all 469 NYC subway stations is still chugging along!

»   From stations to people, transit rides make for great art projects!

»   How does your commute stack up with other riders in Metro Vancouver?

»   I’ve definitely noticed a theme this past year of transit maps reimagined. Some as 8-bit video games, some as restaurant guides (*see above) and here’s NYC’s subway mashed up with the London Tube.

»   ^^Think pink! The Pink Light Campaign in South Korea is experimenting with an alarm system that alerts passengers when a pregnant woman is in need of a seat.

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – May 6, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.


Don’t lose your marbles!

»   At the Times Square–42nd Street subway stop in NYC you can take in this ^^ beautiful mosaic by artist Lisa Dinhofer.

»   Move over subway pizza rat and hello subway bagel rat!

»   Watch this video! (Be sure to wait until the passenger chimes in) Warning, colourful language!

»   Washington Metro turns the big 4-0!

»   Hillary had some trouble using the NYC subway – She should visit us, tapping a Compass Card is a breeze!

»   ^^ Of course SNL had to have a crack at poking some fun.

»   Rubber ferry, you’re the one! You make bath time so much fun!

»   BCIT’s, Evolution 107.9 radio’s Harrison Jewell spoke about TransLink and how we compare with other transit authorities in North America.

»   I admit, I’d probably do a double take at some of these books being read on the train!

»   ^^Literally the happiest I’ve ever seen people on transit in this 1964 NYC World’s Fair advert for the “subway special!”

»   You know what really grinds GO transit users’ gears? Take a look!

»   More than one fifth of U.S. urban residents use public transit regularly with NY, LA and Chicago topping the list.

»   Another month, another superhero bus operator – this time in Calgary.

»   Did you know that Cincinnati has a secret, unused subway? Neither did I!

»   From bus to food truck (looks like one of our community shuttle vehicles!) offering fresh produce at reduced rates for low-income families in Toronto. What a great idea!

»   Looks like Halifax has the same idea – full sized bus this time though!

»   Hold onto your hats because TransLink’s own Pet Peeves transit etiquette campaign is making worldwide headlines by being featured at the New York Transit Museum!

»   Another beautiful transit relic saved in London! Take a look at the Crystal Palace.

»   One of my greatest fears – becoming a meme! The late, great David Bowie’s son turned this man into an viral internet sensation!

»   So, this is what it feels like… when doves cry. What a fitting tribute!

»   Much Shiba. Very transit doge. So subway.

»   Posts like this are my bread and butter. I LOVE secrets and transit secrets are even better!

»   Ever wondered why you get sleepy on the train or bus? Looks like there’s an answer!

»   Mexico City has nearly 200 different transit signs on their system. They even tweet out the meanings for passengers. For example! Why is Talismán station represented by a mammoth? Because workers discovered the remains of one while excavating the site!mammoth»   Our region is hot. I mean H-O-T! Especially when it comes to transit. Check out how we show up on this heat map of Metro Vancouver transit users!

»   The man who voiced the “mind the gap” announcements in London’s Underground has passed away. But his wise yet stern voice will remain helping tube riders for generations to come!

»   Death Star transit realness. “Alert all commands. Calculate every possible destination along their last known trajectory!” 

»   Looking to rent in NYC? Then have a look at which subway stops will save you $$! (ps. A one bedroom for $4000 a month? YOWZA! And I thought Vancouver was pricey!)

»   What an amazing tool! All Transit allows you to gauge how well-connected any spot in the United States is by public transit!

»   It’s a museum! It’s a nuclear bunker! It’s North Korea’s subway system!

NK subway

Puhung Station was one of only two metro stations foreign visitors were allowed into before 2010.

»   New Subway ads that KNOW who is looking at them. Creepy or cool? You decide!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – March 31, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

Bus stop

Spaarne Hospital bus station, Netherlands, NIO Architecten

»   See more of great bus stop and station designs like this ^^ in the best of 2016 list.

»   Transit in BC celebrated a birthday on February 22. Bon anniversaire!

»   Speaking of birthdays, a very happy one to the TTC subway on March 30!

»   What is it about bus operators? Such kind and generous people seem to find their way to these jobs.

»   Canadian transit made the news in New York! Except it’s about a bus being hijacked… and the perpetrator making the driver take him to Tim Hortons now dubbed as “the most Canadian crime ever.”

»   Temple’s basketball team hopped on the subway to head to their NCAA tourny game. And this isn’t the first time!

»   Tricky twins ^^ play a time travel prank in a NYC subway car.

»   Get your specs out to look at all the details on the world’s most complex subway maps!

»   All the railroads from the mid-Atlantic in 1921 fancily fashioned into one subway-style map.

»   Is navigating transportation systems in very large cities too difficult for humans? Researchers say it could be!

»   A woman named Elizabeth Line in NYC. The Elizabeth Line unveiled in London. #elizabethline trending…Yep! I can see how this could be confusing!

» London is working on emergency preparedness on their transit system with Europe’s largest-ever disaster training exercise where they needed to recreate a London Underground station! Check out a time lapse video of the building below.

»   The US Department of Transportation wants to build a National Transit Map from open transit data collected across the country.

»   Scratch and sniff stickers in the subway? This woman is trying to highlight a bigger issue on mass transit by enticing rider’s senses with pleasant smells!

»   Ad free, creative and beautiful. Three ways to describe the new U-Bahn line in Düsseldorf.

»   Street kitty cat was saved from a Bronx subway and now dubbed “Subway Dunford”. As the reporter says, this is magnifi-cat! (I had to, I’m sorry)

Full bus

Full bus? Just bring your own seat and sit on top! (please do NOT actually do this!)

»   Mind your P’s and Q’s on Edmonton Transit and you could win with their new Thank you Thursdays campaign.

»   Is the GoToo the next wave of transit? What do you think of the customizable idea?

»   Check out this eerie optical illusion that’s created by reflection on the London Underground.

» Do you have a favourite subway movie moment? This list claims to showcase the best. What would you add? Mine is below (disclaimer: I know it’s technically not the subway!)

»   Another “Don’t read if you’re a germaphobe!” post! I’ll summarize: A New York City subway handrail is akin to shaking 10K people’s hands.

»   Seattle transit riders can rejoice as a shiny new subway extension to U-dub opens!

»   Travelling to the US? Check out this list of the cities with the best public transit and you can become a transit commuter expert!

»   When a NYC subway car comes to the end of its life, it’s time for it to swim with the fishes. No, seriously!

»   Wondering where some of our old assets have gone? Check this out!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – February 19, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

Check out the poem!

Check out the poem!

»   Ed Konrad wrote this ^ poem about transit. Thanks for sharing!

»   ICYMI: Walter White drives the 135 bus! NBD!!

»   Warms the heart to hear stories like this! In Calgary, a bus operator stopped her bus to help out a person in a wheelchair stuck in the snow.

»   In Vancouver, our own CMBC operator, Eileen Ryan, helps some Syrian refugees with a ride home.

»   Imagine if all subway lines across the globe all connected. Now, look at this!

Vancouver infographic V3-page-001
»   We’ve come a long way, baby! Happy 30th anniversary, SkyTrain! That’s right, paid service for the Expo Line began on January 3, 1986!

»   Looks like we aren’t the only Canadian transit system who has some furry friends on board!

»   I have no idea what is behind this but it gives some good advice… if your bus driver is really just 5,000 bees in a trench coat!

»   This man put down his smartphone (not a bad idea now and then!) and picked up a pad a paper to make observations about his commute. Does anyone else do this?

A Twitter Haiku about Compass

A Twitter Haiku about Compass

»   This bus driver in Ireland went above and beyond. Not only did he help this elderly passenger off his bus but also tied her shoes!

»   Two retired Brill trolley buses in Thunder Bay hope to get a new home with an area transit museum. Fun fact, they’re originally from BC!

»   A brief history of subway etiquette campaigns. Methinks we should all give these a read now and then!

»   Japan’s transit is pretty cool already. Throw in the fact that each station has a different departure melody? That’s just a whole other level of awesome!

Valentine's Day may be over for another year but check out this SkyTrain dating map from Elite Singles!

Valentine’s Day may be over for another year but you can still check out some of these dating hot spots with your SO using this handy SkyTrain dating map!

»   Art can really change your mood. Across NYC subway stations you can find numerous station specific murals adding some colour and art to the everyday!

»   Now, I’ve seen subway maps imagined as Nintendo worlds. But, how about Nintendo game worlds turned into subway maps?! I love them all! *nerd alert*

»   A different type of busker. Get upclose and personal with the NYC Subway beat boxer, Verbal Ase.

»   Roya the destRoya proves that she can serve with her fierce breakdancing in the NYC subway!

»   Miss me, Kiev? In Ukraine, the dastardly Sherlock villain, Moriarty, showed up via a computer hack to surprise unknowing transit riders.

»   Vancouver isn’t the only city that stripped down for no-pants transit rides in January!

»   Get in your Delorian for this way back playback: GOCard pamphlet from 1989!

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»   GOT and transit fans unite in this one awesome photo!

»   Meet the new TransLink CEO, Kevin Desmond!

»   It’s nice to see that Blanche Dubois isn’t the only one who can rely on the kindness of strangers, right here at home.

»   This ^ Valentine’s Day inspired video proves that sometimes, all you need is love!!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – December 18, 2015

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

Rudolph reindeer bus

Our very own Rudolph ready to drive the Reindeer Bus!

»   TransLink continued the wonderful tradition of gathering thousands of toys for less fortunate children in the Lower Mainland with our Reindeer Bus!

»   From bus routes to humble abode. This Georgia couple turned an old bus into a house!

»   Serial bus thieves? They exist! You think he would’ve learned his lesson after 10 or 20 arrests!

»   It’s like… a lava lamp. Have some time to kill? Watch this oddly fascinating, real time transit tracker in Germany.

»   A new study suggests that living near transit lines may be good for your mental health!

»   From mind to body! A Japanese study found commuters who take the bus have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke than people who drive.

»   This TTC operator is making the most of his bus break with some push ups!

»   Riders who get stuck on downed trains in NYC can request a late-to-work slip from the MTA. Last year’s count? 100,000!

»   Germaphobes beware!! Take a look at what bacteria are lurking on a subway pole. Lucky you, there are pictures.

»   You have goat to be kidding me…

»   Talkin’ ’bout my generation. In Bostonl, millennials love transit!

»   You know nothing, Jon Snow. We’d LOVE to sit next to you and your posters on the bus!

»   We may have crows but Teipei has cranes!

»   This is like SkyTrain Inception. Thank you to @wetcoastlife for the share!

»   Washington pokes fun at the different types of “transit haters” in their region.

»   Lump. Throat. Watery eyes. These types of transit interactions truly warm my heart!

»   Waste not, want not! London’s old tube cars are being transformed into traditional rail trains for Northern England.

»   Read minds with a new virtual reality experience in the New York subway system!

»   Daycare on a train? How exactly are you going to get the kids to leave? Playtime is WAY better than getting off at your stop! (In reality, I think it’s more likely that this was a converted retired transit vehicle).

Play pen transit car
»   TTC throwback to the first bus route in Toronto and on a double decker no less!

»   FINALLY! I think those grates are scary enough without getting your heel stuck!

»   This new app guides visually impaired riders through London’s Underground through audio instructions. The future is now!

»   The ultimate showdown in transit mapping: Google vs. Apple.

»   Avoid waiting for trains in NYC by walking to your station. This chart shows you how much you’ll burn!

»   At Union Square station in NYC you can find this guy playing a mean sax, dancing like no one’s watching and using transit! That’s my kind of triple threat!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits – November 1, 2015

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

Anyone up for some bus polka?

Anyone up for some bus polka?

»   Our new Prime Minister heads to the subway to thank transit users for their support!

»   A little Twitter teasing became a baseball battle royale between transit companies!

»   Carrying a plastic bag full of live crabs on public transit. What could go wrong??

»   People who spontaneously burst into song or are in need of a nap are out of luck with Sacramento’s new transit rules.

»   Looks like taking the bus is good for business!

He can SEE the music!

»   ^ This guy has some competition for most epic subway metal rock out!

»   It’s always a good idea to think outside of the box. Or… in this case, out of the toilet?

»   TTC is becoming very cycling friendly. They’ve even installed 10 self-service bike repair stations around the system!

I must admit, I love this sign!

I must admit, I love this sign!

»   I can’t decide if this story of transit love story from across the pond is cute or creepy. What’s your take?

»   Reading is fundamental so take a peek at these fun facts about NYC’s new subway extension!

»   LEGO is moving beyond the toy box and the movie theatre and into transportation planning. Check this out!

Fellow Whovians. UNITE. I want this to be real!

»   Fashion icon turned subway-goer. At least for a movie ;)

»   Everybody say love! LOVE! What a lovely surprise for one half of the couple and surrounding commuters :)

»   In Soviet Union, bus drives you! Ok, no I’m not as funny as Yakov Smirnoff. But these Soviet era bus stops are truly interesting!

»   Walk or bus? The eternal question can be answered now by Google Maps!

»   Usually, stealing ads from bus stops would be a major no-no but this advertising stunt by jetBlue wants you to rip them right off!

»   Forget snakes on a plane, this is next level… a snake on a bus!!

»   Edmonton bus riders won’t have the Blues after listening to this crooning driver!

»   Talk about generous! I’d love to come across a free transit pass. Kudos to this Calgary good Samaritan.

»   Pucker up singles! You could date this Don Juan while waiting for your train.

»   That famous subway wind scene with Marilyn from The Seven Year Itch is 60 years old. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Author: Adrienne Coling

Links and Tidbits: September 23, 2015

Look no hands! The world’s first driverless bus trip was completed in China!

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

A bag of haggis, a hamster and a casket are just three of the odd things Brits have left on trains. We too in Metro Vancouver leave leave some interesting items on transit as well. Those include megaphones, hearing aids and false teeth!

This photo series sniffs out the dark, but beautiful side of GreyHound bus travel.

Toronto Urban Film Festival screens on TTC subway platforms for what could be the last time.

Here’s the story of LA Metro’s new logo and its lil’ notch.

Pineapple express indeed. Philly transit gives a shout out to the fruit of the hour.

Talk about a long commute!

Parlez-vous français? Good. Now watch this video of Montreal’s new Metro cars and tell me what they’re saying. Or, click “cc” for English subtitles.

Subway Adventure whisks you away to surreal virtual destinations. Why not take the subway to the moon?

This Manhattan Subway Map charts each stop and tells it like it is.

If you can’t find an apartment in New Zealand you could always live on the train.

Want a free bus ride in Cluj-Napoca ? You better get reading. Oh, and move to Romania.

Ever wonder what it would be like to continuously ride NYC’s longest possible subway ride? One guy rode it, so you don’t have to!

If you need some space on transit…

Litefeet leaves the subway and hits the streets. How well do you know your moves?

Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority removes iconic transit murals and offers them back to the artist. She declines.

That’s one way to move transit farecards! Taiwan swipe card with image of Japanese porn star sells out within hours.

If high speed sidewalks are the future of transit, count me out!

Some transit lines are busy. Others, not so much.

Videos from the archives!

Aaaand just for fun, we dug up a few videos from our Links and Tidbits archives. Enjoy!

This video has was previously described as cute and enthusiastic. A more apt description there is not.
Remember the invisible bike helmet? So. Cool.
(Re)introducing the original “cool” bus. Hit “cc” for English subtitles.
Who needs a refresher on trolley wiring?  Global News gives a bit of history lesson on the wires.

Not a video, but still awesome. Thumbs up to Donnamatrix for capturing one of the most whimsical forms of alternative transportation and for letting us use this photo (twice).

Author: Laura Tennant

Links and Tidbits — August 15, 2015

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

start transit map

This Vancouver transit map will leave you starry-eyed.

Looking for a sign that you truly love transit? These might do!

LA transit takes you on a Tour De Food. No, Subway is not on the itinerary.

Hey stranger, whatcha’ reading? This subway rider documented fellow passengers talking about their books.

So cool! Old city buses in Hawaii are given a new life to give others new homes.

Business slow at the pub? You could always put up a fake bus stop to drive up business…

New buses are coming for BC Transit. One hundred and twelve to be exact!

Yikes! That old school bus yellow had some pretty toxic baggage.

Some subway maps are chaotic. Others, like Helsinki’s, get straight to the point.

What if in the eagerness of waiting for the train, you are ignoring the love of your life? Whoa.

Clean design, driverless and see-through? Make way for what may be the future of buses!

Riding the bus with rose, er, green coloured glasses!

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood. Who ya gonna call? The production team!

This New York subway map guides you through the system one emoji at a time. Oxford Circus, you look so angry!

Subway car star makes its way to Ontario, other subway cars swoon. Not really, but wouldn’t that be cute?

What’s the longest subway trip possible in New York? Would you believe it is nearly 150 miles long?

Step aside snakes, there’s eels on the train!

In New York? Need a date? Head to the subway and date while you wait for the next train!

Just so everyone knows, tap and go transit fares are kind of a big deal.

Could this story get any sweeter? A bus driver in Boston stopped at a children’s lemonade stand and bought a round for all of his passengers!

Whatever you do in Beijing, don’t kiss on the Subway!

Need a Metro ticket, but got squat? No problem, ten squats is all it takes to ride the Metro in Mexico City!

TransLink bus routes: 3 facts you didn’t know.

Tyrese is back on the bus, but this time he’s singing his own tune, and no one seems to notice.

Author: Laura Tennant