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I Love Transit 2014: Your painting, cake, crossword, poem, letters, song, and video!

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It’s I Love Transit Week and what makes this week so special are the riders sharing their transit with love us. We received many submissions, but here are some of our favourites! Check it out!

Burnaby Sunrise – a painting by Larry Mason

This painting was sent in by Larry’s niece Terri. Larry shares his inspiration behind the painting:

While living in New York City, Denise and I annually flew west to spend the Christmas Holidays with her family in Burnaby. One balmy December day I walked to Central Park. The sky was clear and brisk; the temperature not quite nippy. There I saw the SkyTrain structure; I thought it a handsome design and made a pen and ink sketch. After returning home I painted from the sketch. Taking artistic license, I changed the season to somewhere between spring, summer and fall.

Burnaby Sunrise by Larry Mason

A Mark I SkyTrain cake!

Yummm! Looks delicious! 

Transit crossword puzzle fun

Looking for some crossword puzzle fun? Give Matthew’s a try!

Looking for some crossword puzzle fun? Why not give Matthew's crossword a try?!

Poetry in Transit by William F.

Riding the bus is really cool
Whether your are off to work or school
Or just for the fun of it
The ride is enjoyable every minute
Riding the bus is so slick
Why drive your car in heavy traffic
The transit bus will drive you wherever you need to go
Riding the bus is also educational
You hear languages so international
You are bound to learn the lingo
And eventually converse with an amigo
So ride the bus everyone!
It’s worthwhile and fun!

Transit love from Australia

Annette visited Metro Vancouver from Australia and she sent this in.

I am writing to compliment you on your transit service. In April-May 2014 I visited Vancouver, along with my husband and a friend. We used the transit system extensively during that time (bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus). We found your transit system easy to use from a visitor’s point of view, as well as being efficient. We were able to get to our destinations relatively quickly and easily. Your fares are also well priced (compared to those here in Australia). We mainly used your DayPasses, which we felt were very cost effective. So a big thank you from me. Please keep up the good work. Many thanks.

A letter from Ontario

Dear Mr. Jarvis, from Maia

I Love Transit 2014: Letter from Maia

I Am A Pilgrim by Rod Drown

Rod was reading The Buzzer while travelling on the 106 from New Westminster to the Tommy Douglas Library near Edmonds and Kingsway. He submitted us this song he wrote several years ago about a love he met on the 135 bus. It was arranged, composed, produced by Pim Bouwens of Sam’s Falling. 

West Coast Express Train Set

Richard sent this one in of his West Coast Express train set!


If you have other things you’d like to share with us, feel free to send it to We’d love to see it!

I Love Transit 2014: A fun day at I Love Transit Camp!

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It’s summer time and that means it’s time for camp…transit camp! Yup, this year for I Love Transit Week we organized an I Love Transit Camp for kids between the ages of eight and 12. We took them on a tour of SkyTrain and SeaBus as well as a visit with Transit Police, Transit Security, and a Coast Mountain bus operator! 



Matthew, Andy, and Trevor were among the lucky kids that had the opportunity to attend I Love Transit Camp, check out their submissions!

Andy with his bus and SkyTrain cut outs!

Andy with his bus and SkyTrain cut outs!

Trevor and his collection of bus models!

Trevor and his collection of bus models!

I Love Transit 2014: Jason Vanderhill, TransLinked and Illustrated Vancouver curator, guests posts

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It’s I Love Transit Week and we’re lucky to have Jason Vanderhill, Translinked and Illustrated Vancouver, write a guest blog post for us sharing some of the top transit related images he has found over the years. You can follow him on Twitter at @jmv. We also had the pleasure of having Jason and cohorts on the blog for our Life on Transit series.

Jason Vanderhill

Jason Vanderhill

I have had an interest in transportation related imagery ever since I can remember.

In 2010, I joined Tumblr, and along with Richard and Karen at, we have now compiled over 850 posts on the subject.

The classic travel poster is easily a favourite subcategory of mine, and along with many national airways and railroads, the London Transport and New York’s MTA have a proven track record in this realm.

Not simply confined to the poster, transit related imagery can also appear in brochures, flyers, maps, newspaper ads, and magazine covers.

Below are a few of my favourite posts from around the world, featuring two from London, one from Copenhagen, two more from NYC, and one from the CPR here at home.

Summer Outings by Private Bus (via LTMuseum’s year of the bus)

Summer Outings by Private Bus (via LTMuseum’s year of the bus)

The Tube Train, by Cyril Edward Power (via

The Tube Train by Cyril Edward Power (via

Read more »

Changes at the UBC Loop


UBC Loop

Have you seen this sign?


TransLink is modifying the UBC Loop to allow for the redevelopment of the campus Aquatics Centre by the University of British Columbia. The 99 bus route will be relocated within the existing loop. Bus stops for the 48,84, 258 and 480 routes will move out of the loop and onto Wesbrook Mall. There are no changes to the trolley or community shuttle service locations.

Look for signs in the Loop with directions and check your route before you go! Thank you for your cooperation.


I Love Transit 2014: Pictures from the Transit Museum Society vintage bus event

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It’s I Love Transit Week and we kicked it off on Monday with a vintage bus from the Transit Museum Society at the EasyPark lot at Cambie and Georgia Street. We had a blast giving away buttons, t-shirts, tote bags, colouring books as well as bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus cutouts!

Julian Fok captured everything, so check out some of the photos!

Welcome to the I Love Transit 2014 vintage bus!

Welcome to the I Love Transit 2014!

Some transit lovers checking out the display and picking up some free swag!

Some transit lovers checking out the display and picking up some free swag!

Dropping off a donation to the Transit Museum Society

Dropping off a donation to the Transit Museum Society

One of the many pictures of vintages

One of the many pictures of vintage buses on a vintage bus

*Snap* *snap*

One of the visitors grabs a picture

In the driver's seat!

In the driver’s seat!


I Love Transit 2014: Sun Fang, VP of Maintenance, tells his story of SkyTrain

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Sun Fang

Sun Fang

Sun Fang has been hailed as the ‘godfather of SkyTrain’ by his colleagues.

You don’t need to dig too deep to find out why. He’s been at the helm of the British Columbia Rapid Transit Company’s maintenance division for nearly three decades in which he’s seen it all.

From humble beginnings as a single-train, two-car demonstration project along a one-kilometre track on Terminal Avenue, SkyTrain is becoming a network of soon-to-be 53 stations and 79.6 kilometres of track following the opening of the Evergreen Line in 2016.

Today, SkyTrain boasts an on-time reliability of 95 per cent and 99.4 per cent of all SkyTrain service was delivered in 2013. However, there were some growing pains in the early days of SkyTrain, recalls Sun. After Expo 86, the noise level in the train cars was very high, the doors would misbehave, and there were often problems with train communications, requiring attendants to manually recover trains.

As one of the first operators of this new system, Sun and his team of technical, maintenance, and operations personnel at BCRTC were challenged to develop and implement solutions to all the train and wayside related issues without the help of other transit agencies.

Sun’s innovative mind and futuristic ideas would help him meet the challenges presented by SkyTrain’s new and unique technologies.

Under his leadership, a large number of significant projects were undertaken over the next several years to successfully address noise, the wheel rail interface, and to retrofit the bogie (the SkyTrain chassis of wheels). BCRTC implemented a second-generation automatic train control, upgraded the platform intrusion detection system, and introduced an automated car wash system.

“We beat the odds, taking a unique transportation system from the drawing board to real world application,” Sun says. “I am proud of what we have accomplished in solving numerous technical and operational interface difficulties at the start to setting a set of new standards for the automated driverless transit industry.”

Sun will be retiring in March 2015 and it’s these very challenges that he says he will miss.

“I will miss the challenges of the ever-changing technologies in train control, telecommunications and passenger information systems and having to resolve technical problems in this high-tech transportation system. I will miss the dialogue, exchange of information and experiences around the world,” he says.

Due to the success of SkyTrain, Bombardier Transportation now sells this technology worldwide under the name INNOVIA Metro worldwide dubbing it the “flagship of driverless, urban transit systems.”

“System problems in the early days made us strong in this unique transit technology and also gave us the opportunities to share our experiences with other transit operators around the world,” Sun says.

“The many comments I have received from industry colleagues and experts visiting from different parts of the globe have made it clear that we have maximized the use of the technology to meet the demand of a fully automated, driverless and unattended rapid transit system.”

Today, Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia; Yongin, South Korea; and New York have followed Metro Vancouver as operators of a driverless, rapid transit system using the same technology as SkyTrain.

“What impresses me the most is our ability to be flexible, resilient and customer service focused,” he says.  “We have undergone many major expansions, station upgrades and system replacement projects without disrupting SkyTrain service or closing down a station.”

SkyTrain is family for Sun – a family of nearly seven hundred members, from SkyTrain Attendants to maintenance workers, totally devoted to the success of a transit system and providing a better place to live built on transportation excellence.

“I am both fortunate and honoured to be part of the success story that is the mass transit system in this region,” he says.

“Whenever I hear the word ‘SkyTrain’ I have a sense of pride and joy to be part of this reliable, efficient and eco-friendly rapid transit system.”

Sun was the winner of the Distinguished Service award for Individual Leadership from the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) in 2013.

Sun’s proudest moments, in his own words:

  • Completed the noise mitigation program in 1990 where seven major initiatives were implemented on trains, wayside and neighborhoods along the SkyTrain route.
  • Completed the Operations & Maintenance Centre Expansion Project (last phase) in 2013 to provide additional train storage lanes, office spaces, maintenance shops and maintenance facilities.
  • Orchestrated and implemented the Main Control Room cut-over in 2002 in conjunction with Bombardier for the start-up of Millennium Line in one non-revenue window. SkyTrain performed the impossible in the eyes of other transit operators.
  • 2010 Winter Olympics was one of the crowning achievements for SkyTrain staff.
  • Y2K” – the count down for the first second of year 2000 sent shivers down my spine. We spent a lot of time, resources and money to prepare for the day. It was feared that some or most computer-based systems might stop functioning. Obviously the hardwork and excellent planning paid off. We welcomed the Millennium with a warm embrace.
  • Successfully completed the Second-Generation Automatic Train Control (ATC) System cut-over in 1994. The field testing and commissioning of the new ATC software was extensive. The support from Control and Field personnel was superb. The second generation ATC software has demonstrated significant benefit in operating reliability, flexibility and users friendliness.

I Love Transit 2014: Nathan Pachal, transit blogger, tells us why he loves transit

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It’s I Love Transit Week and we’re chatting with Nathan Pachal, a man with many different hats. He’s a broadcast engineer, urban commentator, blogger at The South of the Fraser Blog, and now is running for Langley City Council. You can follow him on Twitter at @npachal.

Nathan Pachal

Nathan Pachal

Why do you love transit?

For me, transit is an important part of creating accessible communities. I grew up in the small City of Vernon in the Okanagan. My mom actually never learned to drive (my dad could drive, and I got my driver license as soon as I could), so I did a lot of walking, cycling, and taking transit growing up.

Vernon was also a retirement community with a walkable downtown. Many seniors choose to live in Vernon because of its walkability.

Unlike large roads, and huge parking lots, transit actually supports walkability, giving people transportation choices.

On a personal note, transit is a great value for me. The money I save by not owning a car, paying for insurance, gas, and maintenance, can be spent on the things that I enjoy like going to a show, eating out, or travelling.

When did you first start being interested in transit?

Growing up, my family would go to Metro Vancouver at least once a year to visit family and friends. One of my aunts lived in Fraser Heights (Surrey) and the others lived along the Broadway Corridor (Vancouver). Whenever we went to Metro Vancouver, we’d just leave the car at our relatives and use transit; even in Surrey. I still remember the tiny tickets you’d get at the SkyTrain station, and the paper transfers.

As a kid, I thought that the SkyTrain was the coolest thing since sliced bread. It was really high tech, I wished we had SkyTrain in the Okanagan to get from Vernon to Kelowna.

When I left Vernon, and moved to Calgary to go to school, I really saw the value of transit. The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) subsidized transit for its students, so I was able to get pretty much anywhere in Calgary via the CTrain. Because of the cost-effectiveness of transit, I was able to work a minimum-wage job, and pay for school debt-free.

What’s your favourite mode of public transportation?

Honestly, my favourite type of transit is high-quality transit service like the new 503 and 555 Express Bus Services, West Coast Express, and SkyTrain. Since the 503 was introduced in Langley, my travel time has been cut in half from Langley Centre to the SkyTrain.

What do you do with your time while on transit?

On transit when I’m alone, I blog, play video games, watch TV shows and movies. With friends, I normally have some pretty good chats.

You write a lot about transit planning. Why is that an interesting subject matter for you?

Like I said earlier, I believe that transit plays a key role in supporting accessible communities. Maybe I played too much SimCity as a kid, but I want to live in a community where I can walk to local shops and take transit to get to destinations farther away. I find that accessible communities also have a sense of place that I enjoy. For example, it can just be fun to hang out at Douglas Park in Downtown Langley.

Auto-oriented communities don’t have that same sense of place or community to me. One of the things that I really want people to understand is the important role that transit plays in community building. Also, as I’ve travelled to pretty much every major city in Canada and the US, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I want to share that information with others, and share best practices in creating great communities.

Have you had any great experiences on transit that you’d like to share?

The best part about transit is when you run into people you know, and maybe haven’t seen in a while. If you run into someone in a car, it’s normally not a good thing, but on transit it’s an excellent time to chat.

When I run into people on transit, it makes me feel part of a community even though Vancouver is a pretty big place.

Do you have any parting thoughts about transit and your love/interest in it?

The most important thing for me is to let people know how important transit is for creating accessible communities, how good our transit system is in Metro Vancouver, and the importance of continuing to invest in improving access for people that live in Metro Vancouver today while accommodating the close to one million more people that will call our region home in the coming decades.

A new 99 B-Line pilot queuing system is coming!

Lineups are about to get easier at the busiest bus stop in Metro Vancouver that serves one of the busiest bus corridors in the region, just in time for post-secondary students to go back to school! The new pilot queuing system will be introduced at the westbound 99 B-Line stop at Commercial-Broadway Station by September 2. The system will make passenger boarding easier and keep sidewalk space open for people walking by.

The pilot runs from September 2014 to spring 2015 when construction of a new shelter for the 99 B-Line is planned to start. The queuing system and shelter are part of the Phase 2 upgrades at Commercial-Broadway Station.

The pilot queuing system was developed following a TransLink study at Commercial-Broadway Station in late January. The study found that pavement markings were effective for managing the long line-ups at the 99 B-Line stop while providing clear sidewalk space for pedestrians. The video below was taken during the study.

The painting and construction work for the pilot queuing system is expected to occur during the week of August 25. Bus stops for the 99 B-Line and 9 will be moved slightly to the west on August 25 and 26 to allow for installation.

Beginning September 2, you can tell us what you think about the pilot queuing system through an online survey at This feedback will be considered for the shelter and permanent queuing system being developed.

I Love Transit 2014: Tell us why you love transit and you could win!

I Love Transit 2014 Banner

Post-its from our enormous wall poster, asking attendees to let us know what they loved about transit!

Post-its telling us why they love transit!

Welcome to I Love Transit Week 2014, everyone!

Yep—it’s the one week we take out of the year to celebrate what we love about transit! From now until Friday, your favourite transit blog will be serving up great interviews, essays, and rider submissions sharing all your transit love.

We want you to tell us why you love transit and by doing so you’ll have a chance to win one of three FareCards we have to giveaway! All you have to do is enter through Twitter, Instagram, or right here on the blog between now and Friday, August 29.

Step 1. Figure out why you love transit. Step 2. Tell us and you’re entered! It’s that simple!

How do I enter?

Enter through Twitter

  • Follow @TransLink and send a tweet to us that includes and completes this sentence:

@TransLink #ILoveTransit because…

  • An acceptable entry (on many levels): “@TransLink #ILoveTransit because it allows me to sleep more!”
  • But this is NOT acceptable as it has no hashtag: “@TransLink I Love Transit because it gets me where I need to go!” Neither is  simply “@TransLink #ILoveTransit” – you didn’t tell us why you love transit. =(
  • This is also NOT acceptable, because it doesn’t include the right hashtag: “@TransLink #iluvtransit because I don’t have to worry about driving!”

Enter through Instagram

  • Follow @TransLinkBC and post a selfie on transit or a great photo of transit with a caption that includes and completes this sentence:

@TransLinkBC #ILoveTransit because…

  • Please note that we’re @TransLinkBC on Instagram, not @TransLink—that’s somebody else’s account!
  • See the Twitter examples above for entries that will and will not work for the contest.

Enter through the Buzzer blog

  • Leave a comment on this post that completes the sentence:

I love transit because…

Rules and answers

Check out the terms and conditions, but here’s the skinny!

  • One entry per person per day for each channel. Yes, you can enter up to three times!
  • The FareCard will be for one, two, or three zones, depending on where the winner travels.
  • We’re going to do the random draws on Tuesday, September 2 for each channel. We’ll announce the winners on the blog, Twitter, and Instagram!
  • To be fair to everyone, one person cannot win all three draws. So, if we draw your name for one of the channels, you will be excluded from the other two FareCard draws.

Photos may be used in the print Buzzer, the Buzzer blog, tweeted by @TransLink, posted on the TransLink Facebook page and @TransLinkBC Instagram account.

Here’s a sampling of past entries!


The August 2014 issue of the Buzzer is on the system

August 2014 Buzzer CoverThe August 2014 issue of the Buzzer is now on the system and much of it is dedicated to the fall service changes, which will take into effect on Monday, September 1.

There’s a lot of changes round, so be sure to check your route before you go! Among them, new trips are being  introduced to the 135, 143, 319 and C92 to reduce overcrowding. Service on the 4 and 7 trolley bus routes also returns to Powell Street.

September 1 is also Labour Day – that means service will run on a Sunday/Holiday schedule.

It’s back to school time and Transit Police has some simple of advice for you, “If you want to keep it, secure it.”

We also have an update on the Burrard Otter II, which arrived on July 31 after a 24-day journey from Singapore to Vancouver. Its unload from the heavylift carrier was documented in this neat time lapse video!

And always, the Buzzer is complete with the usual favourites like Contest Corner, Back Issues, and Coming Events.

Pick up your copy today on board your favourite bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express route. You can also download it by clicking here.

I Love Transit 2014: Look for the vintage bus on Aug 25 in downtown Vancouver!

I Love Transit 2014 Banner

TRAMS' GMC TDH-4512 bus!

TRAMS’ GMC TDH-4512 bus!

Exciting news – we have more details to share about the upcoming I Love Transit Week!

Look for the vintage bus on August 25 in downtown Vancouver as we kick off our sixth annual celebration.

The GMC TDH-4512, better known as the GM “old-look” transit bus, was built in the United States from 1953 to 1959  and in total, about 3263 of these were built.

This particular one, numbered 730, served in both Victoria and Powell River before being brought over to the Lower Mainland during Expo 86.

It was also used during BC Transit’s centennial celebration in 1990.

The Transit Museum Society (TRAMS) has restored the exterior of the vehicle and converted the interior into a mobile theatre and historic display vehicle!

Come check it out on Monday, August 25, 2014 at the EasyPark lot at the corner of Cambie Street and Georgia Street from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Free pins, photo opportunities and more!


Photos Courtesy of TRAMS


Heading back to your regular routine? Fall service changes begin Sept 1.

Owl Aboard Contest photos

Find the Owl and enter to win each day of the contest.


Whoo…whoo is heading back to their regular school or work schedule in September? TransLink’s transit services are adjusting with you!

Beginning September 1, you can expect new services and increased trips, services that better matches customer demand during non-peak periods and the return of frequency to routes travelling to post-secondary institutions.


  • To reduce overcrowding on the 135, 143, 319 and C92, NEW trips will be introduced to the schedule – this is made possible through the shifting of service hours from routes with low customer demand.
  • Services with low customer demand in non-peak periods will also be adjusted to better reflect ridership. Routes include, but are not limited to: 209, 214, 236, C9, C43, C44, C50, C51, C52, C70 and C93. The service hours in the balance make adding NEW trips on overcrowded routes possible.
  • Service on the 4 and 7 trolley bus routes returns to Powell Street.
  • Buses to post-secondary schools and summer-only services return to regular routes.

Buzzer readers, to help ring in the fall, we are hosting a contest* with three transit prizes! Visit our Facebook page each weekday morning from August 18 until September 15 after 9 am for a clue to where the Owl icon is hiding on the service change page. Once you solve the clue, click on the Owl to enter the contest. Happy Owl hunting!

Learn about all the travel choices in your community by visiting TransLink’s TravelSmart program for information, resources and tips.

Seasonal service changes occur four times each year in April, June, September and December to bring more service to more people with the resources available.

How else can you stay in touch? Sign up for Transit Alerts at, visit, follow @TransLink or call Customer Service at 604.953.3333.


* Contest terms and conditions


Canada Line turns five years old today!

Canada Line

Happy birthday to the Canada Line!

It’s a special day for the Canada Line as it turns five years old today!

The Canada Line officially opened on August 17, 2009, connecting downtown Vancouver with Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and Richmond city centre. Thousands of people lined up for hours to be one of the first few to take a ride on the newest addition to the SkyTrain network.

The first train carrying its first passengers departed at 1 p.m. from Waterfront Station and within the first five hours, the Canada Line had carried 54,000 people.

Today, at its fifth birthday, Canada Line is moving 122,000 people each day – getting them to work, school, and play!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Canada Line! Happy birthday to you!! =)

Canada Line Quick Facts

  • The North Arm Bridge over the Fraser River is the first-ever extradosed bridge built in North America. What’s an extradosed bridge? It’s a specially designed bridge that is both a cantilevered and cable-stayed bridge.
  • During the 17 days of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, over 3.8 million passengers travelled on the Canada Line.
  • The two busiest days in the short five-year history of the Canada Line were during the Olympics and Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. On February19, 2010, there were 297,000 boardings and on June 15, 2011, there were 183,000.
  • Sweet Leilani was the name of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) responsible for boring twin tunnels, from South False Creek all the way to Waterfront Station. In the process, it removed over 200,000 cubic metres of rock.
  • The Canada Line tunnels run side-by-side with the exception of between King Edward Avenue and Broadway, where they are stacked one on top of the other.
  • Over 2,000 pre-cast concrete segments were strung together using a Launching Girder (LG) between the Marine Drive tunnel portal, Richmond-Brighouse and YVR-Airport stations.
  • The Canada Line currently carries 6,100 passengers per hour per direction (pphpd) and is designed for an ultimate capacity of 15,000 pphpd – more than double what it is now.
  • Canada Line’s busiest day of the week is Friday.

Baby pics!

Looking down the hall on the concourse level.

Inside the under construction Vancouver City Centre Station

The platform of Waterfront Station.

The platform of the under construction Waterfront Station.

The long hallway at the concourse level.

The long hallway at the concourse level of Vancouver City Centre Station

Premier Gordon Campbell, Minister Stockwell Day, and many other dignitaries cut the ribbon on the Canada Line at YVR-Airport Station, August 17, 2009.

With the cut of the ribbon and Canada Line’s open!

I want more Canada Line!

You can check out the Canada Line Photography blog, which has a large selection of photographs from the start of construction to opening day.

There’s so much more on the Canada Line on the Buzzer blog too! Click on one of the posts below:

I Love Transit 2014: Celebrate with us from August 25 to 29!

I Love Transit 2014 Banner

 I Love Transit 2014 Flyer

Our sixth annual I Love Transit Week starts up in a couple of weeks time, from August 25-9. We’ll have stories, prizes, and more every day. See the poster above for exactly what’s happening and share it with your friends!

Combined billing for Golden Ears and Port Mann Bridges is almost here!

Combined billing begins September 1!

Combined billing begins September 1!

Hi Buzzer readers!

If you use the Golden Ears and Port Mann Bridges, you’ll be happy to know that starting September 1, combined billing is available, making it easy for customers to review and pay tolls for both bridges online through their TReO account.

What you need to know:

To be eligible for combined billing and the lowest toll rates on both bridges, customers must have a TReO account with automatic payment information on file and a decal installed in their vehicle.

Outstanding Quickpass balances will not transfer to TReO, and customers should settle any outstanding Golden Ears Bridge tolls with Quickpass to avoid fees or interest charges.

Customers who prefer to receive separate invoices can contact TReO to opt out of combined billing; however, these customers will only receive the lowest Golden Ears Bridge toll rate if they have a Quickpass transponder.

What you need to do:

Register with TReO with an auto payment mechanism for combined billing and to receive the lowest toll rate on both bridges. For more information and to register with TReO, visit