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Links and Tidbits – June 8, 2018

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments or email us!

»  The double-decker bus trial has come to an end, but this isn’t the first time we’ve brought in a double-decker bus for trials! Turns out we did it way back in 1936.

»  TTC Riders, a grassroots advocacy group, launchedovercrowding relief kits” to raise awareness about crowding on the Yonge subway line.

»  It appears part of the reason that subway line is crowded could be because it’s also the transportation choice for live crabs. 🤔

»  Transport for London (TfL) launched the blue “Please offer me a seat” badge for people who find it difficult to stand. In fact, our Access Transit team is discussing this very matter and looking at how other transit agencies are tackling this important issue.

»  Also in London, the TfL recently added a new safety announcement to warn passengers when the vehicle is about to move, but commuters haven’t responded well to the announcements. They’ll be fixing the glitch.

»  In Berlin, 500 limited release Adidas sneakers that doubles up as a transit pass!

»  Tomorrow’s transit today! A South Korean company’s 45-seat self-driving bus is experiencing test-drives on public roads in Seoul.

»  San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit recently launched a new transit etiquette campaign with local college students. Check it out!

»   Beginning last year, the City of Toronto began a pilot on King Street to give priority to streetcars. The numbers are in! Spending is reportedly up in the corridor.

»   OC Transpo’s 40 new LRT cars are all getting names, which were submitted by children under 16 as part of a contest. Among the names: Majestic Moose, Rocket Richard,  Nanuq-Polar Bear and Gord Downie.

»   Seen the Black Panther movie yet? There is a dash of reality in the movie’s transportation utopia, writes The Verge.

»   Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Spotify and the Brooklyn Museum have collaborated to create and bring this homage to David Bowie to the Broadway–Lafayette Street/Bleecker Street station in New York City!

»   Say “hello” 👋👋👋 to the Hello Kitty bullet train in Japan!

»   Congratulations to the Washington Capitals on winning the Stanley Cup! A SmarTrip card in honour of T.J. Oshie appears to be in the works. Oshie has been riding the Metro to-and-from his games.

Join us for TransLink’s Annual General Meeting and Open Board Meeting on June 21, 2018

TransLink's Annual General Meeting is on June 21, 2018

Join us on June 21, 9 a.m., at TransLink’s head office (400–287 Nelson’s Court, New Westminster) for our Annual General Meeting (AGM)! You can also watch the livestream on Periscope and Facebook.

We’ll share highlights from 2017 in transit—from financial to operational milestones—for customers, regional stakeholders, senior TransLink staff, media and the general public.

We welcome questions from everyone our AGM, so come loaded with your questions about TransLink and it’s operating companies and we’ll do our best to answer them. Ask away in the comments if you’re watching the livestream. Any questions that we aren’t able to get to will be answered in a future post here.

June’s Open Board Meeting will follow at 10 a.m. after a brief break.


When: Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 9 a.m.
What: Annual General Meeting and Quarterly Open Board Meeting
Where: TransLink’s Head Office (400-287 Nelson’s Court, New Westminster)

Have an innovative idea that will improve mobility in Metro Vancouver? Let’s hear it!

Do you have ideas on how to enable more seamless and efficient door-to-door mobility for people and goods? Does your mobility innovation make our communities safer, healthier and cleaner? Or does your idea help ensure affordable and equitable access for all?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, we want to hear from you!

TransLink is looking for the best and brightest new ideas for how we can improve mobility in Metro Vancouver. We are offering support to help further develop your idea, access to our assets to test or demo your idea, and an opportunity to pilot your idea on a larger scale in partnership with us.

  • Who can apply? Anyone!* (This includes individuals, companies, non-profit and non-governmental organizations and academic institutions)
  • What types of ideas are you looking for? We seek ideas that can be eventually implemented in our region, but they can be at any stage of development from early concept to already embodied in a commercialized product.
  • What is the theme? Bringing “seamless mobility” to Metro Vancouver.
  • What is the process? The initial submission is a 1-2 page idea brief, with an optional video. This is due Monday, July 16, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. From all the submissions received, selected participants will be invited to submit a more detailed project proposal and to present in front of an evaluation panel. If your idea is selected by the evaluation panel, it may be considered for further research and investment.

This marks the start of TransLink Tomorrow’s first Open Innovation Call, a chance for individuals, companies, non-profits, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions to partner with TransLink on new mobility initiatives. We expect this to be biannual open calls, each with a different theme.

For more information and to apply, visit! The deadline is Monday, July 16, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

*You’ll have to be 19 years or older to apply and employees of TransLink, its subsidiaries and contractors are not eligible. Sorry!


#MyTransLink – June 5

It’s Tuesday—that means another edition of #MyTransLink! This is our series where we curate the best photos from social media taken by you, our customers, neighbours and fans.

The Mayors’ Council’s 10-Year Vision is delivering more and better transit service throughout Metro Vancouver. As part of this, we’re bringing in new buses to provide increased service as well as replacement buses for aging fleet.

Recently, the first three of 106 new compressed-natural-gas buses for Surrey—coaches 18101, 18102 and 18103—went into service. We’re dedicating this #MyTransLink post to our CNG buses, which operate out of our Surrey, Hamilton and Port Coquitlam transit centres.

Take the #MyTransLink challenge! We want to see pictures of the places Metro Vancouver’s transit system takes you! Is it your favourite restaurant or hike? Amazing public art? Your friends? Tag it #MyTransLink and let’s see them. We’ll feature some of the best in next week’s post.


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Annual scheduled transit fare change takes effect July 1

On Sunday, July 1, the annual scheduled transit fare change takes effect.

Phase One of the Mayors Council’s 10-Year Vision calls for much-needed transit investments to increase capacity, reduce overcrowding and introduce bus service to new areas.

To help fund this, the Mayors’ Council identified annual increases to transit fares over the next decade, which was announced in November 2016 as part of Phase One‘s approval. These minor fare increases will help bring more and better service to everyone in the region.

Beginning Sunday, July 1, transit fares will increase by 5 to 10 cents.

  • Single-use concession fares will increase by five cents for Stored Value fares and 10 cents for cash fares.
  • Single-use adult fares will increase by 10 cents (this includes HandyDART).
  • DayPass fares will increase by 25 cents.
  • Monthly pass fares will increase between $1 and $2, depending on zone type.
  • Fare increases will be the same on West Coast Express.

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9 epic transit-friendly places to get donuts in Metro Vancouver on National Doughnut Day

June 1 is National Doughnut Day. With so many options in Metro Vancouver, it can be tough to begin figuring out where to go to begin satisfy your sweet tooth—especially near transit.

Doughnut worry fam, we got you! Here are nine epic transit-friendly places to get doughnuts in Metro Vancouver:

1. Krispy Kreme

Location: 7153 120 St, Delta, BC V4E 2A9
Hours: 5:30 a.m.–11 p.m.
Transit: 311, 312, 316, 319, 340, 364, 391 and C76

There’s no better way to celebrate National Doughnut Day than picking up one free (yes free!) doughnut of your choice. Offer is available from opening to close.

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Take the survey on the Surrey–Newton–Guildford LRT

As part of the Mayors’ Council’s 10-Year Vision, we’re delivering new rapid transit to the region, including the construction and operation of the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT Line!

This will introduce modern, street-level light rail transit (LRT) along King George Boulevard and 104 Avenue, connecting Surrey City Centre, Guildford and Newton with high-quality rapid transit.

Through June 14, TransLink and the City of Surrey want your input on key aspects of the LRT project and how light rail will help transform Surrey.

LRT is new to our region, so naturally there are some who are concerned about how it will work, and others who prefer alternative technologies for a variety of reasons. Read more »

Modified weekend SkyTrain service at Joyce–Collingwood Station begins June 1

Photo of Joyce–Collingwood Station

SkyTrain service at Joyce–Collingwood Station will be modified on weekends, beginning June 1 and until the fall.

SkyTrain’s Expo Line is more than 30 years old and work is underway across the network as part of the TransLink Maintenance and Repair Program to keep our customers moving.

The platform tiles at Joyce–Collingwood Station have reached the end of their design life, so we’re replacing them as part of the Phase 2 station upgrades! The project is expected to take approximately 16 weeks with work taking place on weekends only.

Starting June 1, the westbound platform (Platform 1 to Waterfront) at Joyce–Collingwood Station will close on weekends from 9 p.m. on Friday until the start of service on Monday so this work can begin.

During work times on weekends, westbound Expo Line service will operate “skip-stop service” through the station. This means trains towards Waterfront from Patterson will skip Joyce–Collingwood and head directly to 29th Avenue Station. Eastbound trains on Platform 2 to King George or Production Way–University will operate normally and stop at Joyce–Collingwood Station.

Customers travelling westbound to and from Joyce–Collingwood Station will need to use Patterson or 29th Avenue Station to access Joyce–Collingwood.

If you’re travelling westbound from Joyce–Collingwood Station towards Waterfront Station, take an eastbound train from Platform 2 to Patterson Station. From there, board a westbound train from Platform 1 to Waterfront.

Skip-stop service westbound from Joyce

If you’re travelling westbound to Joyce–Collingwood Station, your train will skip Joyce–Collingwood and stop at 29th Avenue Station. From there, board an eastbound train from Platform 2 back to the open eastbound platform (Platform 2) at Joyce–Collingwood Station.

Skip-stop service westbound to Joyce

Customers should add 10-15 minutes to their travel time as a result of changes to service. Listen to on-train announcements, follow the signage and ask a SkyTrain Attendant if you need assistance.

Later in the summer, when the work at the westbound platform is complete, the eastbound platform (Platform 2 to King George or Production Way–University) will close on weekends for re-tiling and the Expo Line will operate skip-stop service eastbound through Joyce–Collingwood Station.

Author: Allen Tung

#MyTransLink – May 29

Hip hip hooray! Another week, another edition of #MyTransLink where we curate the best photos from social media taken by you—our customers, neighbours and fans.

We wanted to see your biking shots for this week because it’s Bike to Work Week, so check out the shots from #MyTransLink and even, yes, beyond! As well, make sure scroll all the way to the end for next week’s challenge.

(We’re going to begin with a shameless plug for our entry into #MyTransLink! 😝)

As always, thank you for continuing sharing your fantastic photos with us. You are what keeps #MyTransLink going! This week, we want to see your shots of the new CNG buses that have rolled into Surrey! Coaches 18101, 18102 and 18103 are now all in service on a myriad routes. Snap away and share those shots with us for a chance to be featured next week!

Want to be featured on our social media channels?
Simply follow us on Twitter and Instagram, tag us and use the hashtag #MyTransLink.

Author: Allen Tung

Get ready for Bike to Work Week, May 28 – June 3!

Practicing using the bus’s bike rack at Main Street–Science World!

We know it can be daunting using the bike rack on the bus for the first time.

That’s why TransLink has installed a bike rack that’s just like the one you find on buses at Main Street–Science World Station so you can practice! Find it outside the fare gates and next to the convenience store on Terminal Avenue.

(Psst…there’s also one at the City of North Vancouver’s City Hall Plaza!)

This is all in time for Bike to Work Week, May 28 to June 3. Read more »

Only a few days left to help design the four new B-Line routes

TransLink is rolling out four new B-Line bus routes across 12 Metro Vancouver communities by the end of next year.

When launched, these B-Line routes will bring frequent, reliable service and shorter travel times within walking distance of a whopping 200,000 residents! Now’s the time to help shape these B-Line routes, and make sure they meet your community’s needs. The consultation period has been underway since April and will be closing on May 31.

Seven more B-Line routes that will come after the 2019 launch as part of future phases of the Mayors’ Council’s 10-Year Vision.

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LTE wireless connectivity arrives for Freedom Mobile customers in SkyTrain’s Dunsmuir Tunnel

Customers disembark the SkyTrain

Freedom Mobile customers now have access to fast LTE service at Waterfront, Burrard, Granville and Stadium–Chinatown stations, as well as in the Dunsmuir Tunnel that connects them!

We’re excited more customers will now be able to email, text, stream music and surf the web through one of the busiest sections of the SkyTrain network. It’s all part of our commitment to improve the customer experience.

TransLink and Freedom Mobile are working to expand wireless connectivity throughout the SkyTrain network so Freedom Mobile can have access throughout their commute.

“The tunnel between Waterfront and Stadium–Chinatown stations is one of the busiest SkyTrain sections, so we’re pleased to have partnered with Freedom Mobile to offer wireless connectivity to our mutual customers throughout their downtown ride. We know that uninterrupted connectivity is important to transit users and we’re pleased that these kinds of partnerships can improve our customers’ experience at no cost to transit customers or taxpayers.”

—Derrick Cheung, TransLink’s vice-president of strategic sourcing and real estate

This is the latest initiative TransLink and Shaw Communications, Freedom Mobile’s owner, has worked on together to improve the customer experience. We partnered to bring Shaw Go WiFi to the SeaBus terminals in 2015 before expanding it to include the SeaBus fleet in 2016.

Last December, Rogers completed installing cellular-network infrastructure, bringing LTE wireless connectivity to Rogers and Fido customers throughout the entire SkyTrain network.

[CLOSED] Listen and take this poll to choose the best Morgan Freeman Tap to Pay announcement on transit!

In light of information we’ve learned through news stories on May 24, 2018, of serious allegations against actor Morgan Freeman, TransLink has decided to pause his voice announcements as part of a VISA ad campaign on the transit system. We will be reaching out to VISA to discuss further.

– TransLink Media Relations

If you’re of the 35% of poll respondents who opt not to listen to anything while traveling on transit, you’ve likely heard a familiar voice during your commute. In celebration of Tap to Pay launching on May 22, 2018, you will now hear Morgan Freeman welcoming SkyTrain and bus riders into Vancouver by sharing some fun facts, etiquette reminders and a heads up that you can now Tap to Pay with your contactless Visa and Mastercard credit card or Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay at Compass Card readers across the system.

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#MyTransLink – May 22

Welcome back to this week’s edition of #MyTransLink! Longer and sunnier days are upon us and it’s shown in the amazing shots you’ve been submitting each week. In this edition of our fun weekly photo series we asked for your mountain view shots in and around our region. Check out this week’s photos and scroll on down for next week’s challenge!


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Traveling on transit just got easier!

Hey Metro Vancouver! As of May 22, 2018, you have more ways to pay for your transit trip!  You can now tap your contactless Visa or Mastercard Credit Card along with Apple, Google and Samsung Pay for your adult cash fare to get you from A to B on transit!

No more ticket line-ups, finding exact change or worrying about determining how many zones you intend to travel through. Just make sure to tap your intended payment method separate from your wallet to ensure the correct card is charged.
Already love your Compass Card? No worries! Keep using your Compass Card on the system to ensure that you are receiving the maximum discounted fare.

Watch our live stream for a full recap of the event.

For more information on Tap to Pay, check out

Will you pay with a contactless Visa or Mastercard Credit Card or stick to your Compass Card?

Author: Sarah Kertcher