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SkyTrain weekend advisories: track replacement, plus a perfect storm of Lions and Canucks fans

Two advisories for SkyTrain riders this weekend.

Track replacement, with minimal impact on riders
First, on Saturday Oct. 25 and Sunday Oct. 26, SkyTrain is replacing a section of running rail on the eastbound track east of Edmonds station (the curve leading to the Operations and Maintenance Centre). Over two million trains have passed over that track since the Expo Line opened, so they’re due for a little love.

The impact on riders should be minimal. The affected track section will be closed, but SkyTrains will use a bypass track to get around the worksite. On occasion, eastbound trains may be held at Edmonds while new track is moved into position. These delays are not expected to be longer than five minutes at a time, so the impact on connection times with buses will likely be small. Work will go on through the day and night on both days.

Canucks + Lions home games = extra busy SkyTrain on Saturday night
Second, Saturday Oct. 25 is that rare occasion when both the Canucks and Lions are playing at home. SkyTrain will be carrying about 12,000 more customers than usual for a Saturday night, particularly in the 6-7 pm and 9:30-11 pm periods (before and after the game).  As usual during sports events, SkyTrain will run rush hour service and minimize any track construction delays during that time.

Portable fareboxes will also be available at King George and Stadium Stations so customers can pre-purchase return tickets (valid until 12:30am), in order to avoid bottlenecks at regular ticket vending machines after the game.