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I Love Transit Week: paper buses and trains!


Well, who are these guys? They are miniature paper versions of a TransLink bus and SkyTrain, the two transit cutouts that I’ll have at I Love Transit Night on Thursday. (I hope you can make it – here’s the details [2]!)

Making paper transit vehicles is in fact quite a popular activity. There’s quite a few transit enthusiasts who make and share models: you can find many links from Paper Bus Connection, including Ryan’s TTC Paperbuses, which even has several models based on the TransLink vehicles.

As well, for I Love Transit Week, I have a special treat to share from transit enthusiast Jason Vanderhill: paper historical trolleys!

A detail from one of Jason Vanderhill's historical trolley papercrafts. [3]

A detail from one of Jason Vanderhill's historical trolley papercrafts.

Jason has built foldable models of two 1908 historic trolleys, based on technical sketches by David E. Reuss from 1999. He did them for the City Reflections project [4], which preserved and enhanced a film done on a Vancouver streetcar in 1907.

So, download this PDF I’ve created with Jason’s images, resized for printing on letter-sized paper. (If you have it, card stock would work well for the models, giving them a bit more structure.)

And if you find the PDF doesn’t suit your purposes, you can try working with Jason’s original GIF images: here’s the red trolley [5], and here’s the green trolley [6].

If you fold these trolleys, send me a picture – I’d love to see where they end up! And if you have any paper bus tips or recommendations, please do share with us in the comments.

Thanks again to Jason for sharing your papercrafts with us!