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Be Part of the Plan: join our discussion site about our transportation future


Check it out, yo—we’ve launched a new discussion website at BePartofthePlan.ca [1]!

The website is basically the starting point for a conversation about our shared transportation future. Starting Friday, you’ll start seeing ads promoting the site in the media and on transit.

We’re encouraging everyone to visit BePartofthePlan.ca [1], learn about the six transport goals our region has set for the next 30 years, and let us know your thoughts on transportation issues.

Your thoughts and feedback will help shape the upcoming 10-year plan for 2010. And after a draft of that 10-year plan is released in June, we’ll continue the online discussion to get your thoughts on the plan’s details. A final version will then be put together for approval by the end of the year. (Here’s an explanation of the difference between all these plans! [2])

And I’m actually going to help moderate discussions over at BePartofthePlan.ca [1], so I’ll be splitting my time between that site and the Buzzer blog for the next little while. (Don’t worry though, I’m not abandoning the Buzzer blog!)

A note on the discussion topics, and the site

One of the ads you might see on transit in the next while. [3]

One of the ads you might see on transit in the next while.

There are six discussion topics [4] right now, to get you started thinking about each of the goals.

But every week or so, we’ll update the site with new topics to discuss. If there’s a topic you think should be up there, feel free to suggest it [5].

Also, we know this website isn’t the most perfect way to conduct this conversation, and we welcome your comments to improve it [6].

The site will be tweaked as we go along, and there will be a bigger redesign for the June discussion, so make sure you let us know exactly what you think.

Join in!

So I’m really encouraging you to visit BePartofthePlan.ca [1] and talk with us! We want to hear from you, and your thoughts will really help us develop a transport plan that reflects your needs and values. I hope to see you all there!