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One week left for the BePartofthePlan discussions

Just wanted to send out another reminder to join in our BePartofthePlan discussions and give us your thoughts on the region’s transportation future.

The consultation period closes on June 30, so you have one more week to send in your feedback as of today.

There’s a few key ways to talk to us:

Again, check out our BePartofthePlan consultation website for more on the in-person events, including maps and tentative schedules for each meeting.

(If you can’t make it, you might follow Ken Hardie’s Twitter — he’s going to the events and tweeting about what’s going on there.)

After the consultation period is over, your thoughts are collected and reflected in our plans, which are then presented for approval to our Board by August 1, as well as the Regional Transportation Commissioner [3] and the Mayors’ Council.

And finally, if you’re curious, here are the Buzzer blog’s past posts discussing the 10-Year Plan.