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Here’s Don, our YVR gift basket winner!

Don, the winner of the YVR gift basket! [1]

Don, the winner of the YVR gift basket!

Here’s Don, who came by yesterday to pick up the YVR gift basket [2] he won!

I asked if I could share his entry about his favourite Games experience too, and he said sure. Here it is!

Favorite Games Experience
Going to a Victory Ceremony and watching the audience fill up with pride as Canada was awarded its 2nd Gold medal. The audience was celebratory without being over the top. I’ve only lived in Canada for 1-1/2 years now and it was the biggest outpouring of emotion over Canadian pride I have witnessed to date. Canadians are proud about their country but usually in a ‘sedate’ manner. It was fun to watch them be emotionally passionate.

So congratulations again Don — enjoy the basket!