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Friday fun poll: have you ever put a bike on the bus bike rack?

Bikes on a 99 B-Line bus.

In the comments on Tuesday’s tidbits post, Jean suggested a poll about using the bike rack on buses. A great idea!

Have you ever put a bike on a bus's bike rack?

  • Yes (56%, 146 Votes)
  • No (44%, 116 Votes)

Total Voters: 261

So why have you used or not used the bike racks? Do you find you want to know more before trying it out? Jean mentioned that a couple of people think an instructional video would be a good idea — what does everyone else think? As well: if you ARE an intrepid bus bike rack user, can you share any good tips for loading/unloading?

(Incidentally: I should mention that there are two styles of bike rack out there, and as far as I know, our staff are aware that some of the newer racks are a bit more difficult than the older racks. You can read more about what fixes we have asked for in this past comment. Also, while you’re visiting that past comment, check out the bike rack rap video!)