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Contest inspiration: fare card names from other places

In the naming contest post [1] from last week, Chris passed on this handy list of fare card names from other places [2]! I took a look through the list and highlighted names with interesting backstories, in case they might inspire winning contest entries…

Card Place Name explanation
Oyster [3] London, UK Chosen as a fresh approach, unrelated to transit. The word Oyster had connotations of security and value.
Octopus [4] Hong Kong Octopus references number 8 which is very lucky in Asian cultures. 8 also means “many” and “reaching everywhere.”
Myki [5] Melbourne, Australia Sounds like “my key” to represent having a key for a new lifestyle, and also makes the card a character (“Mikey”). (Explanation found here!)
Clipper [6] San Francisco Named after Clipper ships: the fastest mode of transportation during the Gold Rush. This card used to be called the TransLink card!
CharlieCard [7] Boston, Massachusetts The CharlieCard is named after a fictional character in a folk music song often called “Charlie on the MTA”, which concerns a man trapped forever on the Boston subway system (then known as the Metropolitan Transit Authority, or MTA) because he can’t pay the 5-cent surcharge required to leave the train.
ORCA [8] Seattle ORCA (“One Regional Card for All”) Card
Suica [9] Tokyo (Japan Rail) Stands for “Super Urban Intelligent Card”, and is also a pun on the Japanese word for watermelon. As well, Sui Sui means smooth and Ka is an abbreviation for card.
Sugoca [10] Japan (Fukuoka prefecture) The name is an acronym of “Smart Urban GOing CArd”, while sugoka (凄か?) in the local Kyūshū dialect means “great”.
NicePass [11] Japan (Entetsu Railway) The name is an acronym of New Intelligence Card of Entetsu Personal and Smart System.

From this I detect some general strategies:

Also, to be honest, my favourites are the non-acronym, non-punny, unrelated to transit names. Oyster! Myki! There’s something kind of bold about choosing a name like that and sticking with it. Enter the contest [12]!