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Heads up: possible snowfall Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan 11-12, 2011

A photo of a snowy #130 from March 9, 2009.

The meteorologists are predicting snow flurries [1] today, Tuesday, and Wednesday (January 10-12, 2011), so I thought it would be timely to trot out some reminders for travelling in snowy weather!

As a quick overview of what might happen: buses generally find it hard to reach locations in higher elevations, and HandyDART may also be affected, since it typically goes to locations away from normal bus routes. And of course, heavy heavy snow can make it hard for all vehicles to travel.

So again, hopefully this isn’t news to you, but if you are planning on taking transit on a snowy day, there are a number of things you might do to prepare for your ride. We listed a bunch of them in the November 2009 print Buzzer [2], and they include:

For our part, we’ll try to get you the latest info on the transit situation through a number of channels:

You can also view our snow plans in these links: here’s a 2011 media release [7], 2010 media release [8], a 2009 blog post about CMBC’s snow plan [9], and a 2009 post about SkyTrain’s snow plan [10]. (Also, here’s a 2009 Vancouver Sun article [11] on how the municipalities are preparing for snow.)

Anyway, cross your fingers! Hopefully there won’t be snow tomorrow. But if there is, safe travels to everyone and we’ll be working hard to keep the system on track!