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Compass: the winning name of TransLink’s electronic fare card

Compass: our new electronic fare card

As many of you may know by now: Compass is the name of our electronic fare card, which will debut in 2013!

That’s right—after 10,000 votes on the three final names for our smartcard, over 40% of the vote went to the name Compass. Staff have been out at major transit exchanges all across the region this morning, handing out Compass pass holders and more to announce the new name.

The contest’s winner—drawn from all those who submitted “Compass” to our contest in fall 2010—will be announced later this morning, so I’ll have that info for you up in a bit. Edit: Here’s the post about the winner, Oleksiy Gayda! [1]

But for now: feel free to share what you think of the new name et al in the comments. And as always, for more on the smartcard project, see the main smartcard project page [2], or the past Buzzer blog smartcard posts [3].