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Marine Drive Transit Priority

Marine Drive diagram

A diagram of the changes

If you live or travel regularly in or to West or North Vancouver, you’ll soon notice some changes to the flow of traffic on Marine Drive. During the morning and afternoon rush periods, about 300 bus trips are made every day on Marine Drive and the Lions Gate Bridge. Due to the large volume of bus and other road traffic, TransLink, the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia are funding new bus lanes along Marine Drive. By adding these lanes, customers will be given faster and more reliable service on both Marine Drive and the Lions Gate Bridge. Here’s how it works:

To get an in-depth picture of what this means to transit riders and vehicles on Marine Drive and the Lions Gate Bridge, check out the dedicated website on the Marine Drive Transit Priority [1] here. If you’ve never seen how a transit-priority lane works, it’s worth taking a minute to watch the video. Construction on these lanes has already begun, and traffic patterns will be changing soon.

If you travel on Marine Drive or the Stanly Park Bridge leave a comment and let others know your thoughts on the changes.