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September service changes and optimization

Changes are coming to some September transit schedules

Changes are coming to some September transit schedules

Fall is quickly approaching (September 23rd to be exact), and with the change in the weather comes changes in commuting patterns. This is especially true for those of us who are returning to school. To accommodate the increase in the number of people taking transit in September, there will be changes to service starting September 5. Like the changes in service in June [1], the number of changes isn’t huge. However, there are some significant changes for certain routes both permanent and seasonal.

As mentioned in my last post [2], service optimization is all about managing resources “…as efficiently and effectively as possible”, and that’s what our planning department has tried to do again this time around. For more on service optimization, take a look at my April post [3].

All the September service changes [4] can be found on the TransLink website. Here are a few of the bigger changes: