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Q&A with Geoff Cross, Senior Manager of Policy, TransLink Strategic Planning & Policy

As part of the release of the draft 2013 Base Plan [1], Jhen and I produced some videos that attempt to answer the bigger questions about transit in this region.

This first installment in this series asks what part TransLink has played in the region over the past decade. Geoff Cross, Senior Manager of Policy with TransLink’s Strategic Planning & Policy division, mentions some significant figures when he speaks about transit and Metro Vancouver.

This infographic and plan on a page [2] is another way to look at what Geoff is referring to.

Draft 2013 Base Plan infographic about the region

These videos are meant to provide a quick overview of themes within the draft 2013 Base Plan. Our hope is that these videos will compel riders and the public in general to read through the document and form their own opinions about our plan and transit in region moving forward.

The conversation on the draft 2013 Base Plan started on Monday [3], and it’s been a lively and informative discussion so far. Let’s keep it going, everyone! Update: The draft 2013 Base Plan questionnaire [4] is now available to be filled out. Make sure you do so between now and October 12.