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Transit in the News – March 27

A weekly section about transit making headlines around the globe. Have an article you want to share? Comment below or email us [1].

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Maritime Bus says this winter season [3] has been extremely challenging.

The weather wreaks havoc on the ferries in Cape Breton [4].

University of Winnipeg students rally for better bus service [5].

A long-awaited bus stand [6] serving many in Uppinangady, India is being built.

Rapid bus system construction is underway in Cambridge, Ontario [7].

NYC MTA raises fares [8].

TTC wants to hire outside contractor to finish Spadina subway extension [9].

Who takes transit to work [10] in Metro Vancouver?

Public transit boosting research [11] on air quality and climate change.

Amsterdam is offering free transit [12] for failed asylum seekers.

Minnesota’s BRT [13] is held off until 2017 due to funding.

TTC commute [14] comes to a halt due to environmental spill.

Fluid leak [15] on Vancouver bus, no delays or passengers involved.

Passengers escaped a bus swallowed by a sinkhole [16] in Brazil.

GO joins Milton Transit to test door-to-door bus service [17].

Edmonton hoping their Metro LRT [18] will still open as planned this spring.

Subway surfers [19] caught on camera in NYC.

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Author: Adrienne Coling