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Transit in the News – May 8

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Community Services in Nova Scotia cuts some bus passes [2] for people with disabilities.

35 bus shelters in Calgary [3] were shattered in wave of vandalism over the weekend.

Hearing for public-private partnership for mass transit [4] in Guam.

Regina, Saskatchewan is getting rid of their rush hour bus-only lanes [5].

Government in Perth, Australia propose high-frequency bus lanes to reduce congestion [6].

Edmonton LRT [7] starts training for staff.

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority asks Department of Transportation for express bus-only lane on elevated highway [8].

Sudbury, Ontario partners with Google to create online transit planner [9].

MTA wants $1B from NYC [10] for Second Avenue subway.

The public gets a sneak peek at what Kitchener-Waterloo LRT stations [11] will look like.

Obama administration approves ferry to Cuba from Florida [12].

An all male committee will oversee Toronto’s transit decisions [13].

Massive transit strike [14] cripples Germany.

STM may lose control over planning of transit projects [15] in Montreal.

Students want to be testers of Edmonton’s smart fare technology [16].

GO transit launches summer service [17] to Barrie and Niagara.

Hamilton can’t stop stores from overcharging for bus tickets [18].

35% of ballots returned [19] in Metro Vancouver for plebiscite.

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Author: Adrienne Coling