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Transit in the News – July 10, 2015

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London Underground strike [3] causes travel chaos for commuters.

Public Transit in Hampton Roads [4] a long way from alleviating congestion woes

Hating your transit agency [5]may not make it better.

Londoners share photos of chaos caused by Underground tube strike. [6]

Brampton puts off decision on $386 million light rail project. [7]

Northern Rail workers strike called off [8] after RMT hit with legal threat.

Fans find a way to Wimbledon [9]despite London rail strike.

Ottawa Council endorses $3B plan for light rail expansion. [10]

North East state capitals to be connected with rail network [11]by 2020: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.

Residents question how new light rail lines will change neighbourhood density. [12]

VIA Rail Canada renews Cultural Access Pass program. [13]

TransLink extends Bowen Island bus contract. [14]

Wheelchair or Pram? [15] Which deserves space on the bus?

Water bus to resume service after 3 year break in Winnipeg. [16]

Bus AC proposed [17] as Edmonton heats up.

Dedicated lanes for BEST buses [18] in city soon.

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Author: Adrienne Coling