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Poll Results: one-zone bus fare has made travel less expensive for some

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The numbers are in and New Poll: How has the one-zone bus fare changed the way you travel? [2]! The results are split. Here’s the break down:

43 per cent voted that the one-zone bus fare has saved them money per trip, while 40 per cent voted that the change in fare structure did not affect them one bit.

12 per cent voted they are trying to avoid the bus altogether because they feel the one-zone bus fare has made their commute too busy.

And a handful of voters (5 per cent) are a bit confused as to what one-zone bus fare is all about!

Those of you who cast their vote in the last category, feel free to ask away about the one-zone bus fare in the comments section. You can also check out videos and one-zone bus fare information on our website. [3]