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Compass 101: Remember to switch to Compass for your Monthly Pass!

Starting January 2016, all Monthly Pass holders must use a Compass Card.

You can load a Monthly Pass on your card on the 20th of each month online at compasscard.ca [1], at Compass Vending Machines, in person at the Compass Customer Service Centre or by phone at 604-398-2042.

Benefits of having your Monthly Pass on Compass include online purchasing, balance protection in case of loss or theft and autoload.

Autoload means you don’t have to get to a fare dealer or a SkyTrain to load your pass each month!

This feature is also available with Stored Value on your Compass Card.


All Compass Card users are required to tap in on buses and in and out on SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express to ensure the correct fare is charged.

You can find more information at translink.ca/monthlypass [2].
More Compass questions? Ask away at askcompass.ca [3]!
Check out our Compass 101 playlist [4] on YouTube.

Author: Adrienne Coling