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Transit Driver Appreciation Day is March 18th, 2016

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On March 18, give your bus operator a big thank you! (logo courtesy of transitdriverday.org)

Do you have a favourite transit operator that goes out of their way to make your commute just that much better?

I know I do and I’ve heard so many stories and have seen countless posts on our social media channels about wanting to thank operators for all that they do.

Take a look at just few of the tweets we have received about our great bus operators:

Tweet two [2]Tweet three [3]

Tweet one [4]Tweet four [5]








Well, now it’s your ‘official’ chance!

This Friday, March 18th is Transit Driver Appreciation Day [6]!

This day of recognition falls on this specific date because it marks the debut of bus service in Paris in 1662! (Albeit the buses were carriages drawn by horses.)

Thank you card ex [7]

Download your thank you card at transitdriverday.org [8]

This day is set aside to recognize those great operators out there who get you to and from work, school and everywhere you need to go on transit systems all around the world.

Here at home in Metro Vancouver, that means the dedicated drivers at CMBC [9].

Showing your thanks is simple! You can give them a smile, say thank you when you get ON the bus (to switch it up) or even download and print out transit-themed thank you cards [6] to give out to your favourite operator.

To show your appreciation online, like TDAD on Facebook [10] and share #tdad with your family and friends to use on Twitter and Instagram!

You can also submit an official commendation [11] so your drivers can be formally recognized for their efforts.

Author: Adrienne Coling