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Links and Tidbits – May 6, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us [1].

lvmarbles26n [2]

Don’t lose your marbles!

»   At the Times Square–42nd Street subway stop in NYC you can take in this ^^ beautiful mosaic by artist Lisa Dinhofer [3].

»   Move over subway pizza rat and hello subway bagel rat [4]!

»   Watch this video [5]! (Be sure to wait until the passenger chimes in) Warning, colourful language!

»   Washington Metro [6] turns the big 4-0!

»   Hillary had some trouble using the NYC subway [7] – She should visit us, tapping a Compass Card is a breeze!

»   ^^ Of course SNL had to have a crack at poking some fun [8].

»   Rubber ferry [9], you’re the one! You make bath time so much fun!

»   BCIT’s, Evolution 107.9 radio’s Harrison Jewell spoke about TransLink [10] and how we compare with other transit authorities in North America.

»   I admit, I’d probably do a double take at some of these books being read on the train [11]!

»   ^^Literally the happiest I’ve ever seen people on transit in this 1964 NYC World’s Fair advert [12] for the “subway special!”

»   You know what really grinds GO transit users’ gears? Take a look [13]!

»   More than one fifth of U.S. urban residents use public transit [14]regularly with NY, LA and Chicago topping the list.

»   Another month, another superhero bus operator [15] – this time in Calgary.

»   Did you know that Cincinnati has a secret, unused subway [16]? Neither did I!

»   From bus to food truck [17] (looks like one of our community shuttle vehicles!) offering fresh produce at reduced rates for low-income families in Toronto. What a great idea!

»   Looks like Halifax has the same idea [18] – full sized bus this time though!

»   Hold onto your hats because TransLink’s own Pet Peeves [19] transit etiquette campaign is making worldwide headlines by being featured at the New York Transit Museum [20]!

»   Another beautiful transit relic saved in London! Take a look at the Crystal Palace [21].

»   One of my greatest fears – becoming a meme! The late, great David Bowie’s son turned this man into an viral internet sensation [22]!

»   So, this is what it feels like… when doves cry [23]. What a fitting tribute!

»   Much Shiba [24]. Very transit doge. So subway.

»   Posts like this are my bread and butter. I LOVE secrets [25] and transit secrets are even better!

»   Ever wondered why you get sleepy on the train or bus? Looks like there’s an answer [26]!

»   Mexico City has nearly 200 different transit signs on their system. They even tweet out the meanings for passengers. For example! Why is Talismán station represented by a mammoth? Because workers discovered the remains of one while excavating the site!mammoth [27]»   Our region is hot. I mean H-O-T! Especially when it comes to transit. Check out how we show up on this heat map of Metro Vancouver transit users [28]!

»   The man who voiced the “mind the gap” announcements in London’s Underground has passed away. But his wise yet stern voice will remain [29] helping tube riders for generations to come!

»   Death Star transit realness [30]. “Alert all commands. Calculate every possible destination along their last known trajectory!” 

»   Looking to rent in NYC? Then have a look at which subway stops will save you $$ [31]! (ps. A one bedroom for $4000 a month? YOWZA! And I thought Vancouver was pricey!)

»   What an amazing tool! All Transit [32] allows you to gauge how well-connected any spot in the United States is by public transit!

»   It’s a museum! It’s a nuclear bunker! It’s North Korea’s subway system [33]!

NK subway [34]

Puhung Station was one of only two metro stations foreign visitors were allowed into before 2010.

»   New Subway ads [35] that KNOW who is looking at them. Creepy or cool? You decide!

Author: Adrienne Coling