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TransLink supports Multi-“Modo” transportation with a new carshare partnership

Modo carsharing

Getting around Metro Vancouver will be much easier thanks to a new partnership between TransLink and Modo Co-operative.

Transit in Vancouver is no stranger to carshares, looking at the blocks surrounding SkyTrain stations in the region you’ll see an abundance of parking spaces reserved for carsharing. This partnership with Modo Co-operative is the first time that stalls have been created directly on TransLink property. You can now grab a Modo just steps from the fare gates!

Six Metro Vancouver SkyTrain stations in four cities now have a combined nine carshare parking spots with more expected in the coming weeks. 

*UPDATE* Seven Metro Vancouver transit stations in five cities now have a combined ten carshare parking spots with more expected! 

Modo is a two-way (or round-trip) member-owned carshare service that operates in 13 municipalities across the Lower Mainland, with locations all along the SkyTrain system including the Evergreen Extension.

Modo vehicles are now located at the following SkyTrain stations:

To help get you moving, Modo is offering a $50 driving credit to new members who use the promo code TRANSIT2MODO” when joining online at www.modo.coop. [1]

This partnership is just one of the many ways TransLink is working to build a successful transportation system [2]connecting Metro Vancouver through various means of transportation.

Author: Sarah Kertcher