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Bus Route Buzz – Winter Service Changes begin December 18, 2017

Bus Route Buzz

Bus Route Buzz [1]

Bzzzzzzz! It’s back! Bus Route Buzz is back for the final service change installment of 2017!

Winter service changes kick off today, December 18, with more than 29,000 annual hours of bus service being added! These changes are aimed at improving bus service across the region. Our goal is to reduce overcrowding and wait times, extend service hours, and increase reliability.

This is all part of our 10-Year Vision [2]to reduce congestion by making transit a better option for more people. We’re not done yet. Watch for even more improvements throughout 2018!

Our Bus Route Buzz series [3], will continue to provide an in-depth look at maps, schedules and route changes for this quarter. New this season, #DerrickThePlanner will be joining us to break down some of these route changes. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out even more as improvements as part of the 10-Year Vision [2].

These changes are a part of our regular, seasonal service changes that occur four times each year in April, June, September and December to bring more service to more people with the resources available.

Join #DerrickThePlanner as he breaks down some of the highlights of this service change in the first ever episode of TransLink Generic Gameshow!

Learn more about bus improvements at translink.ca/servicechanges [4]

For all the route and frequency changes, visit translink.ca/servicechanges [4].
Have a question for #DerrickThePlanner? Use the hashtag on Twitter [5]!

Author: Sarah Kertcher