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Transit-friendly fantastic Phở and more places in Metro Vancouver

Did you know there are two styles of Phở?

A piping hot bowl of Phở sounds quintessential of rainy Vancouver evenings, or rather late nights. This simple beef noodle soup – traditionally, but you can also get different kinds of stock – from Vietnam has come to be its most-prized culinary assets.

In fact, this humble dish even had Vietnamese poet Tu Mo [1] wax eloquent about it in his poem, ‘An Ode to Phở’. This flavoursome mix of beef bones, charred onion and ginger, spices that include star anise, cinnamon, cloves, black cardamom and coriander – all used to make the slow-cooked broth that defines Phở – is the epitome of egalitarianism. The Phở brings the rich and poor together. Period.

Did you know there are two styles of Phở?  Phở bac, which is Phở from the northern regions of Vietnam, is made quite differently from how Phở is prepared in southern Vietnam (Phở Sài Gòn). The northern-style broth is traditional and simple with wider noodles, while the one from the south is somewhat sweeter, with lots of herbs, and even hoisin and chilli sauce. An important takeaway – not all Vietnamese-noodle-in-hot-broth-in-a-bowl dishes are Phở!

And since Metro Vancouver has so many fantastic Phở and more places, we thought we’d list some of those that are easily accessible by transit. Why? Because, we love all things transit, and we sure love us some Phở – Phở-real!

Let us know in the comments below which one is your favourite Vietnamese restaurant!

Note: Restaurant timings, locations, and prices may be subject to change. Check each restaurant’s website for exact details. 

Phở Tam

Location:  10302 City Parkway, Surrey
Expo Line to King George

The Phở at this busy noodle joint speaks for itself. The modest tables are almost always packed, and once you have their Phở, you’ll know why. Legend has it that one can smell the delectable smells of their broth till Surrey Central SkyTrain station!

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These Pho Tam portions are pho-rreal tho 🙌 good pho, quick and friendly service plus a very reasonable price for this hungry uni student from Pho Tam, a busy pho restaurant a few minutes away from SFU Surrey campus! Went with my usual order of Pho with sliced beef brisket & beef balls 💖 🍜 #VanEats604 #SFUSurreyEats [2]

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Phở Duy

Location:  1996 Kingsway, Vancouver
Transit: Buses 19, 20, 25

Located at the corner of Victoria Drive and Kingsway, Phở Duy has a basic and inexpensive menu that does justice to Vietnamese cuisine. This family-owned restaurant serves its Phở with bean sprouts, basil, and lime, and you can walk out with a full stomach and fuller soul. Try their coconut tea and Vietnamese-style iced coffee too!

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Addicted to 6B 💣 #yvreats #pho #phoduy #noms #igfood [4]

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Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen

Location:  5083 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Transit: Buses 20, 25, 33, 43

Also known as Hoang Yen (bun cha ca means fish cake noodle soup), this Victoria Drive staple is cash-only and is known for its specialty Phở. Expect to wait if you go at peak dinner times. If this is your first time at a Vietnamese place, and you don’t know what to order, just go with #24 Bun Cha Dac Biet – their famous fish cake noodles. You are welcome.

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All the flavors. #lifeofacook #asianfood #thegreatpacificnorthwest [6]

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Bao Chau

Location:  2717 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Transit: Buses 14, 16

Located on the corner of Hastings and Slocan, and close to Playland, this place is famous for its spring rolls – the good ol’ batter fried ones. Cheap prices? Check. Good eats? Check. Also cash only, but most dishes are less than $10.

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Told myself I wouldn't eat out as much this year…..lol there's always next year right? Bao Chau along Hastings is famous for their spring rolls, so you can't blame me for wanting to try them 😛 #VanEats604 [8]

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Ahn and Chi

Location:  3388, Main Street, Vancouver
Transit: Buses 3, 25

Run by siblings Vincent and Amelie Nguyen, Ahn and Chi means elder brother and elder sister of the same family. This award-winning restaurant traces its roots to an iconic noodle shop that was started by their parents in 1983, and formally known as Phở Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant. They are closed during the day on the last Tuesday of each month, but re-open at 5pm.


Mr Red Café

Location:  2131 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Transit: Buses 27, 28, 130

With two convenient locations in Vancouver (East Hastings, and 2680 West Broadway), this award-winning restaurant is the torchbearer for Northern Vietnamese cuisine in the lower mainland. The Hastings location moved to its current one after spending three years at another East Hastings address. Their chefs say one of their most popular dishes is bún chả hà nội, grilled pork belly and meatballs in sweet and sour fish sauce with vermicelli noodles and fresh herbs.

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There's a dish which is in the heart of less carnivorous Hanoians. Bún Đậu Mắm Tôm – Pork hock sliced, crispy tofu, vermicelli and herbs, serve with fermented shrimp paste. 💘💘 [13]

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Saigon Ivy

Location:  520 Sixth Street, New Westminster
Transit: Buses 106

This is a great place to try vegetarian Vietnamese food. Great food on a budget defines this restaurant perfectly. This tiny little placed jostles with some fast food places, but their food, especially their Bahn Mi sandwich, is second to none. Closed on Mondays, and holidays.

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#YVR [15]

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Also worth a mention in New Westminster: V-Café at 789 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster.

Thai Son

Location:  4791 Mcclelland Road, Richmond
Transit: Buses 405, 430

This restaurant chain has five locations, but only one outside of Vancouver. Their signature dish is the Bun Bo Hue, and their portions are pretty big. A cash or debit-only restaurant, this place is known for the comfort food it provides. Expect it to be busy but the turnovers are pretty quick.

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My Chau Restaurant

Location: 1715 Kingsway, Vancouver
Transit: Buses 19, 20, 25

This nondescript little restaurant might have odd operating hours (9am to 6pm, closed on Sundays), but their food does speak for itself. Tucked away in a neighborhood often referred to as Little Saigon that is full of mom-and-pop restaurants on Kingsway, this hole-in-the-hall is full of surprises. Their specialty is Phở Ga (Chicken Phở). My Chau only accepts cash though.

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Vietnamese Spicy Beef Noodle Soup 🍜 || credit: @foodierrachel #foodcouver [19]

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Cafe Mai Mai

Location:  8636, Granville Street, Vancouver
Transit: Buses 10, 100

This Marpole area family-run café serves Bahn Mi sandwiches, rice dishes, coffee, and waffles. Try their shrimp salad rolls – two huge rolls with noodles, shrimp, and lettuce nicely wrapped in rice paper. If you want to go big, try the lemongrass chicken rice served with vegetables, pickled carrots, daikon, cucumber, and fish sauce.

We also want to acknowledge Phnom Penh [21] and Ba Le [22] in Vancouver for their delicious Vietnamese food!

Phở is indeed soup for the soul. This list captures only some of the amazing Vietnamese restaurants in Metro Vancouver. We KNOW there are many more! Tell us which is your favourite one!

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Author: Tanushree Pillai