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A look at the new TransLink buses entering service in Vancouver

Vancouver Transit Centre’s set to receive 104 of these new buses, built by Nova Bus.

Last week, the first of our new 40-foot hybrid buses, built by Nova Bus, went into service on route 25 UBC/Brentwood Station!

The buses have a diesel-electric hybrid drive system, which means they’ll have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption in our fleet (aside from our electric trolleybuses).

They also feature air conditioning and engines that stop at idle, as well as factory-installed protection barriers for operators [1] — a standard feature on all new buses.

The bus is the first of 104 new buses that will go into service at Vancouver Transit Centre. As the buses go through the proper testing, we’ll be adding them to the fleet.

Coast Mountain Bus Company is also expecting 23 new 40-foot Nova highway coaches, which are currently undergoing pre-delivery inspections. These buses will go into service at Richmond Transit Centre.

V18323 [2]