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Refresh of 22nd Street Station bus exchange now complete!

We’ve some good news!

Upgrades [1] to the bus exchange at 22nd Street Station are now complete. Let’s talk about just how cool the station is because let’s be honest, it’s often overlooked amongst the architectural marvels of our vast transit network!

One of the older transit hubs in the region, the elevated 22nd Street Station was built in 1985 as part of the original version of the Expo Line. Located on a hill above the Queensborough Bridge interchange, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Fraser River and Mount Baker from the SkyTrain platform.

But, it’s what lies below the SkyTrain station that matters most: an eight-bay bus loop that was constructed along with the original station. This is what gives the exchange its true value to our transit network.

The main purpose of the exchange is to connect passengers with destinations across the region, serving eight bus routes that travel through Vancouver, Surrey, North Delta, Richmond and Langley. A convenient transfer from SkyTrain to bus and you’re on your way to faraway lands beyond the reach of SkyTrain network!

A drawing of the bus exchange from 22nd Street Station's original design in 1985.

A drawing of the bus exchange from 22nd Street Station’s original design in 1985.

Now that you’ve heard what a vital part of our transit network the bus exchange at 22nd Street Station is, you must be impressed (even if the most you’ve seen of the exchange is out of the SkyTrain window as you pass through the station).

This original bus loop has served the people of Metro Vancouver for more than 30 years, but back in 1985, we couldn’t have imagined the sheer volume of passengers the exchange serves today (9,000 on an average weekday in 2018).

The bus exchange at 22nd Street Station prior to the upgrades. (Photo: Google Street View)

The bus exchange at 22nd Street Station prior to the upgrades. (Photo: Google Street View)

Prior to the upgrade, the exchange was still stuck in 1985. Waiting areas were narrow and seating was scarce. If you were lucky enough to find refuge from the elements in one of the tiny shelters, you were packed in there like a sardine among fellow passengers! The exchange was in grave need of a refresh.

We’ve now upgraded the bus exchange at 22nd Street Station to improve your safety and comfort as you pass through on your journey across the region. Check out the video to see how this station went from design to completion!

You may also know that located at the east end of the exchange is a large structure for charging battery-electric buses, which will be operating on the 100 route as part of TransLink’s Battery Electric Bus Pilot. If you’re lucky, you may see the charger in action as we gear up to run these buses full-time later this year! Just to make 22nd Street Station even more cool.

Needless to say, the upgraded bus exchange at 22nd Street Station is now equipped to meet customer needs today and is ready to serve you for years to come.

Author: Aylinn Castle