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Bringing Transit Home: Authentic transit maps coming to TransLink Store

Picture of a parent and toddler looking at TransLink map

Starting on Thursday, June 25, you’ll be able to bring TransLink maps from the system to your home!

The discontinued maps and wayfinding that were once found at our stations and facilities will be available for purchase at TransLink Store [1].

The maps come in different sizes and varieties. Among the new products are Metro Vancouver Transit Map Poster, Key Regional Transit Connections Poster, Mark-II, in-Car Line Diagram and more. *Please note that these maps are discontinued and don’t represent the current system on transit today.

These authentic wayfinding memorablia will be perfect if you’d like to add some creative touches to your home decor.You can also start a fun DIY project with your family members! What can be more awesome than giving a second life to your favourite piece of furniture or decor item?

Here are crafty pieces created by our TransLink employees that you can use as an inspiration.


Do you have more ideas on how the maps can be used? Let us know in the comments below!

About TransLink Store

TransLink Store opened in November 2017 and offers a wide variety of apparel, home goods, accessories and more. Head on over to Translinkstore.ca [2] to find out more about the products. All the details about TransLink Maps will be published alongside with their launch on June 25th.