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Transit Pet Peeves in 24 Hours!

TransLink’s Transit Pet Peeves were recently featured in 24 Hours newspaper!As Buzzer readers will know, the eight comical peeves started off as a Facebook battle in November 2011 and then became TransLink’s official etiquette campaign in 2013.

Wanna know more about Blocking Bunny or Lounge Lizard? Read all about it here!

Over the past few years people have been chatting about the campaign. Below is a taste.

Transit Pet Peeves Battle on Twitter and Facebook

Transit Pet Peeves Battle on Twitter and Facebook

Transit Pet Peeves are catching on!

Transit Pet Peeves are catching on!

Transit Pet Peeves are now on the system!

The first four transit pet peeves are now on the system!

The first four Transit Pet Peeves are now on the system!

If you’ve been on a bus or SkyTrain car recently, you might have noticed that some peevish pets have made their way onto the system. As promised, our award winning Facebook campaign, Transit Pet Peeves, are now part of  TransLink’s overall etiquette on transit program!

These first four characters, Funky Ferret, Hungry Hamster, Disco Dog and Chatty Chihuahua, will be up for six months. After that, Blocking Bunny, Birdy Big Bags, Crowding Kitty and Lounge Lizard will take their place.

And Transit Pet Peeves aren’t unique to just Metro Vancouver anymore. We just found out that our furry and scaly characters are such a hit that they’ll be using them on Calgary Transit as well!

Transit etiquette is always a popular topic and we’d love to know your thoughts on it. Let us know if you recognize these characters or perhaps know of some others!

TransLink wins three 2012 APTA AdWheel Awards and one IABC Gold Quill Award including best blog, best Twitter channel and best Facebook campaign!

Our 2012 Gold Quill Award of Excellence!

We got some great news this morning. We won three 2012 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Adwheel Awards (note: their page hasn’t been update with this info yet)! We won for best blog, best Twitter channel and best Social Networking (e.g. Facebook/Myspace).

We took top honours among “public transportation systems with more than 20 million passenger trips annually,” which means we won top prizes among the largest public transit systems in North America. The AdWheel Awards celebrate the best in marketing and communications from APTA members. It’s a huge honour to win!

The blog has taken top honours at APTA before in 2010. TransLink has also won a handful of APTA awards in the past, but we’ve never won so many for our social media work. We won three of four social media awards up for grabs!

Having the blog recognized for a second time is wonderful. As you know, the blog would be nothing without all of you readers who contribute everyday. We can’t say enough about the Buzzer blog community!

It gives us great pride that our Twitter channel has been awarded. We are regularly asked by other organizations about how the channel is run so they can emulate some of what we do. This award is another indication that we’re onto something useful and appreciated with our customer service on Twitter. We want to give a big thanks to all of the staff on the Twitter team for doing such a great job everyday! And, like the blog, our Twitter channel would be nothing without our customers communicating with us and being so supportive of what we do on Twitter!

This is the second award for our Transit Pet Peeve Battle Facebook campaign! Earlier this summer, the campaign was awarded a 2012 IABC International Association of Business Communicators Gold Quill Award of Excellence in the Social Media category. IABC is, “a professional network of about 15,000 business communication professionals in over 80 countries.”

If you’re not familiar with this Facebook campaign, here’s a link to it and a blog post. The Transit Pet Peeve Battle was also won the Best of the Best destination within the Social Media category. This means that we beat Kraft and Memorex for the best campaign!

There’s some great work among the other winners of IABC awards this year. Check ’em out!




The conclusion of the Transit Pet Peeve Battle

Funkey Ferret vs. Blocking Bunny

The final pet peeve battle - Funky Ferret VS. Blocking Bunny

Well, that was fun! I’m talking, of course, about the Transit Pet Peeve Battle that happened on the TransLink Facebook page between November 17 and yesterday, November 28. If you are unfamiliar with the battle, the idea was to collect the eight most popular complaints customers have of other customers’ etiquette on transit. The eight complaints were then translated into illustrations of pets that personified (or should I say, petsonified) these etiquette faux pas. Each weekday, two pet peeves battled each other by having Facebook users vote for which pet peeve they thought was the biggest. Draws for prizes were given away after each weekday of the contest. In the beginning, there were eight pet peeves. For the final battle, only two remained. Read more »

Transit Pet Peeve Battle #3

The Transit Pet Peeve Battle has been a lot of fun so far. Battle #1 between Birdie Big Bags and Lounge Lizard resulted in an early exit for the unconscious reptile who lost by 185 votes to the bird who feels her precious bags are more deserving of seats than people riding the bus.

Hungry Hamster

Hungry Hamster

If you ask me, I thought that Battle #2 was a big upset. People decidedly voted that Funky Ferret’s excessive odor on transit is more atrocious than Chatty Chihuahua gabbing too loudly on his phone. I’ve witness loud phone talkers far many more time than smelt unpleasant or unwanted odors on transit, but I guess smell pounds out sound this time around! Funky Ferret received 580 votes compared to only 171 votes for Chatty Chihuahua.

Disco Dog

Disco Dog

Today’s battle is between two well-know pet peeves. We’ve all observed or been a hungry hamster ourselves before. You’ve just visited the grandparents, and they’ve given you some of their wonderful food to take home. But who can wait for home to dig into that splendid comfort food? Hungry Hamsters don’t think about others on transit when they chow down on food that may not be as appetizing to their fellow travelers as it is for them, not to mention dangerous if someone else travelling on transit is allergic to something in the food. Food on transit can also be hazard if it is dropped or spilled.

Facing off against the Hamster is Disco Dog. This peeve can be witnessed daily on transit. Music is great, as long as you don’t force others to listen to it. People should be able to listen for their stop and to generally have a pleasant experience on transit. If music is too loud, it can make taking the bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus or West Coast Express difficult. Turn down the tunes. If you think of no one else but yourself, it will at least save your hearing. Oh, and as someone who listens to music on transit myself, I recommend using closed headphones instead of open headphones or earbuds. Closed headphones are much better at reducing sound leakage.

Thanks to everyone who’s voted so far. I’m curious to see which pet peeve will be declared the biggest in one week’s time. Do any of you have a hunch on who the champion will be? Place your votes to make sure your pet peeve wins!

Transit Pet Peeve Battle starts today!

Today is the big day. From now until November 28, 2011, the TransLink Facebook page ( will be transformed into a tournament-style battle to determine the biggest transit pet peeve is.

How the battle works

Each weekday, two pet peeves will do battle by having people vote for the one they think is the biggest pet peeve.

Birdie Big Bags

Will Birdie Big Bags win today's battle?

The day after each battle, you can check the Facebook page to see which pet peeve won that round of the battle. The first round takes place during the first four days. The semi-final round happens during the next two days. The final battle that will determine the biggest pet peeve will be held on Monday, November 28.

Lounge Lizard

Or will Lounge Lizard be victorious?


The day after each battle day, we’ll be randomly drawing for two prizes. On the final day of the battle, November 28, we’ll be giving away the grand prize. Here’s what you can win:

November 17:
Draw #1 – A 3-Zone FareCard
Draw #2 – A $50 Chapters/!ndigo/Coles gift card + a TravelSmart umbrella and bike light
November 18:
Draw #1 – A 3-Zone FareCard
Draw #2 – A $40 Blenz Coffee card + a TransLink travel mug
November 21:
Draw #1 – A 3-Zone FareCard
Draw #2 – A $50 iTunes card + a TravelSmart umbrella and bike light
November 22:
Draw #1 – A 3-Zone FareCard
Draw #2 – A $50 Earls gift certificate + a TravelSmart umbrella and bike light
November 23:
Semi-Final Draw #1 – A 3-Zone FareCard
Semi-Final Draw #2 – A pair of headphones + a TravelSmart umbrella and bike light
November 24:
Semi-Final Draw #1 – A 3-Zone FareCard
Semi-Final Draw #2 – A $50 Lush gift certificate + a TravelSmart umbrella and bike light
November 25:
Final Draw #1 – A 3-Zone FareCard
Final Draw #2 – A $50 Bay/Zellers/Home Outfitters gift card + a TravelSmart umbrella and bike light
November 28:
Grand Prize Draw – A 16-GB (Black) iPhone4S (Unlocked)!

Read more »

The November 2011 Buzzer, Pet Peeve Battle and Ed Spence: Buzzer illustrator interview

Ed Spence and Disco Dog

Disco Dog and his illustrator Ed Spence

Another month and another new Buzzer arrives on buses, SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express. This month is a little different for a couple of reasons: Firstly, much of the issue is devoted to a subject that almost everyone has an opinion on, transit pet peeves (aka etiquette on transit). The second reason this month’s issue of the Buzzer is different is because for the first time in Buzzer history (recent history at least) we’ve invited a past illustrator back to do a second Buzzer cover. Read more »