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8 am transit update for Sept 8

8 am transit update for Sept 8

Morning all!

Transit has been flowing pretty smoothly since 7am today. As we head into the 8am hour, the crowds are starting to pick up but the system seems to be able to handle it. Here’s the latest from everyone as of 8:

BRIGHOUSE – trains are now leaving packed‬‪
BRIDGEPORT – benefit of having South of Fraser buses come to this station – train arriving from YVR clears platform, so people coming in from SoF don’t have to wait long‬‪
COMMERCIAL-BROADWAY – trains are standing-room only, but no one’s getting left behind – turnbacks and additional 4-car Mark II trains (12 running in rush hour, compared to 6 prior to the fleet expansion) are helping‬‪– lineup for 99B-Line runs past Booster Juice … approx. 10-15 minute wait to board.‬‪
PRODUCTION WAY – no waits for #145 bus – 4-minute frequency and lineups looking good
41ST – OAKRIDGE – students are transferring to #41 & #43 buses to UBC.

I’m biking between King Ed, 41st and 49th this morning and blogging on my BlackBerry. Things have been pretty quiet here and the trains I’ve seen are busy but still have lots of room. No one is getting left behind on the platforms! Lots of kids are getting off to go to Langara at 49th. Also, they are giving away free granola and copies of the Province at King Ed.

Check @kenhardie and @thebuzzer on Twitter for the latest updates.

Here’s some photos so far too.





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