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Friday fun post: how do you pick up a free newspaper?

Friday fun post: how do you pick up a free newspaper?

If you like, skip to the end of this post to share how you pick up a free newspaper.

From last week: how would you like to see the Buzzer blog design improved?

Last week, I asked this question:how would you improve the design of the Buzzer blog?

We had over 30 comments with lots of really great ideas! A common thread was the thought the design could be better used to surface interesting content more easily, and to make maximized use of the space (I agree, this design is pretty narrow.) rubai even suggested we put the poll in the sidebar, which I think is fantastic.

Lots of you also asked for the ability to edit comments, flag comments as spam, and otherwise more control. I can tell you now that we’re exploring that possibility, but the challenge is adding a registration process — we eliminated registration to make it easier for people to post comments quickly, and to ensure we weren’t collecting data from people when we didn’t really need it. But I take your point — we’ll see if it can work!

So thank you to all who contributed: your feedback has been passed on and hopefully we’ll end up with a better blog design than we started with. As always, visit the original post to see more of the comments, or even to add your own (I could always use the advice!)

This week: how do you pick up a free newspaper?

A colleague suggested this one! Free newspapers like Metro and 24 Hours are distributed all over our system, but how exactly do you pick up your paper?


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