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Friday fun post: where do you like to sit on transit?

Friday fun post: where do you like to sit on transit?

If you like, skip to the end of this post to tell us where you like to sit on transit

Two weeks ago: guess the year of this transit pass

The pass!
The pass!

Two weeks ago, I asked you to guess the year of this transit pass.

And the answer’s clear above: 1944! Which means that the winners of the contest are Sewing, Sean Turvey, Donald, Rob, and Reva.

Winners, e-mail me your addresses, and I’ll put the buttons, map, and two radios in the mail. (The radios will go to Sean & Donald since they were first to get it, and Sewing mentioned that he didn’t want a prize. Sewing, I can still send buttons and maps though!)

Also, I must say it was awesome to see everyone using their Nancy Drew skillz to get the answer. Check out Sewing’s comment: it’s richly detailed with a lot of fun history links to follow. And really, good effort all around, everyone!

By the way, this ticket actually came to us by way of a gentleman named J.A. Hugh. Mr. Hugh worked for the B.C. Electric Company long back when it started, and when he passed away, his memorabilia came through his friends to one of our staff members. There is much more to share from his collection :)

This week: where do you like to sit on transit?

OK, I wanted to revisit this classic poll, which was the very first one I ever ran here on the Buzzer. Since I think our readership has likely expanded and changed, let’s see what the winning answer is now!


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