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Friday fun post: what do you do when waiting for transit?

Friday fun post: what do you do when waiting for transit?

If you like, skip to the end of this post to tell us what you do when waiting for transit.

Last week ago: ever read what someone else is reading on transit?

Last week, I asked you if you’ve ever read what someone else is reading on transit.

With 111 people weighing in, most people said they HAD read something someone else was reading on transit (77%) — just 23% said they hadn’t.

Donna saw some choice reading material once:

The 7 or the 4 coming downtown, I was sitting with my partner in the back row, and a somewhat geeky looking young man in his early 20s was sitting in the sideways seat in front of us. He was reading a rather nice looking large book, black leather & gold leaf, so I took a peek at the title…

…and it was “The Game” by Neil Strauss. Ew, ew, ew! Sleaaaazy!

And here’s what Hilary saw once:

I think the most interesting, or at least out-of-the-ordinary, thing I’ve read over somebody’s shoulder was a sheaf of papers this one woman had that turned out to be detailing how to prepare for a hysterectomy and what would indicate that something had gone wrong.

Wait, no, it was a tubal ligation. Much less drastic than a hysterectomy.

But Dave 2 pointed out that hardly anyone was reading these days.

Read? Who reads? The kids these days are texting, Facebooking, or playing Tetris on their smartphones :-) True, people do read the free papers, just this morning I saw someone reading an article on page x… so I went to page x in my copy… Last month a woman sat down beside me and started to read an eBook on a Kindle…these days the new opening line would be “So, downloaded any good books lately?”

Have a look at the original comment thread for more!

This week: what do you do when waiting for transit?

Reva suggested this poll a few weeks ago, and so here it is.

Feel free to share any “other” choices in the comments!


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