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Redesigned Buzzer blog launches Monday: watch out for some downtime!

Redesigned Buzzer blog launches Monday: watch out for some downtime!

A mockup of the new Buzzer blog design!
A mockup of the new Buzzer blog design!

Get ready to see a bright new Buzzer blog look on Monday!

We’re launching the redesigned Buzzer blog, which I must say is very pretty and much more functional.

The changeover will mean blog downtime on Monday starting at 9 a.m., and that might take a few hours depending on how things go.

As you all suggested, the new blog design is wider, incorporates the illustration and colours of the Buzzer print issue, and has more useful navigation tools, like related posts, next/previous post links, and a promo box in the right side.

And omg, we finally have a captcha to help fight spam!!!! Feel free to post links to your heart’s content now: I won’t have to approve them!!

Sadly, the ability to edit comments was too big for the scope of this redesign—it would require registration, which I’m loath to make you do—but the demand is duly noted, and should there be any more improvements scheduled in the future, I’ll certainly see what we can make happen!

Update, Mon June 21, 2:33 p.m..

For those interested, here’s a list of all the changes made to the Buzzer blog, besides the obvious overall redesign.

– Share/print/font size widget added (as suggested by Sean T)
– Captcha (to help stop spam)
– Next and previous items added to each post
– Related posts added to each post
– Free-form content box in the right rail (lets me suggest articles!)
– Weekly poll in the right rail (a suggestion from Rubai)
– Like/dislike function added to comments (more ways to interact!)
– When you click my name below a post, it goes to the About section


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