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Our trip planner gets a couple of new improvements

Our trip planner gets a couple of new improvements

Our feedback form customized for mobile browsers, as seen on an iPhone.

Check it out: we’ve launched a couple of new improvements to our trip planner!

  • The customer feedback form is mobile-friendly! You can now fill in our customer feedback form right on your mobile phone. Our mobile trip planner also provides a link to the form so you can enter your complaint or commendation right away. (No, the form wasn’t working well on mobile before. Yes, this is trip planner related because it’s powered by the same system!)
  • We’ve improved the trip planner search options on both desktop and mobile.A short list:
    • “Customize your search” has been changed to “Advanced Search Settings” on Step 1 of Trip Planner—a more descriptive wording.
    • The “e.g.” wording beside “Advanced Search Settings” has been changed to “e.g. wheelchair accessibility, bike rack, allow more walking, etc,” so it’s more descriptive.
    • There’s a new option called “Allow More Walking” which allows trips to be planned that include walking distances of up to 1 kilometre. (Some people really want this!)
    • The wording of the options in advanced search settings has rewritten for clarity. For example, you can now restrict trips to “Requires Wheelchair Accessibility” or “Don’t Use SkyTrain,” while before the wording was less clear.
    • And a variety of functional improvements have been made to the Mobile Trip Planner site.
  • Also, some upcoming improvements to come include: adding the “Advanced Search Settings” parameters (drop-down) to the homepage trip planner widget, and changing the radio button nomenclature (for sorting) on Step 2 of Trip Planner to read: “Quickest Route” / “Least Walking” / “Fewest Transfers” (yes, these are minor changes, but will hopefully create better understanding and therefore better functionality!).

Just wanted to make sure you saw these: feel free to let us know what you think!


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