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Hi, I’m a new SkyTrain

You’re riding on a new SkyTrain car!


The 10-Year Vision is the largest transportation expansion plan in TransLink’s history, delivering more transit, better roads, safer cycling and pedestrian access — for everyone. It’s an investment in our future, and that future starts now!

As part of this plan, we’re adding 80 new SkyTrain cars — 56 cars for the Expo and Millennium Lines, and 24 cars for the Canada Line — by the end of 2020 to increase service and reduce overcrowding on our SkyTrain network.

And you just rode on one of these new SkyTrain cars! Each time you ride it, visit and enter the six-digit special code into the form for a chance to win a Monthly Pass and a prize pack from the TransLink Store.* That means the more you ride SkyTrain, the more opportunities you’ll have to win!

We’re just getting started. Starting in 2024, more than 200 new SkyTrain cars will start to arrive, bringing the total of new SkyTrain cars to 285 by 2027! This will allow us to increase service once again and replace ageing fleet.

Fun fact! The six-digit special code on the decal is an amalgamation of the car number for the first and last cars in a four-car train. For example, for the special code 429432, the number 429 is the first car, 430 is the second, 431 is the third, and 432 is the fourth and final car in the trainset.

*The contest closes January 15, 2020 at 11:59 a.m. For full contest terms and conditions, click here