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Winter is coming! How TransLink prepares for snowy weather

We undertake various steps to ensure our transit system isn’t impacted because of overnight snow.

Winter officially doesn’t arrive for another month-and-a-half, but at TransLink, customer safety is our number one priority. In anticipation of adverse winter weather conditions, our operating companies always have plans to maintain service for you.

We work expeditiously before and during winter to ensure our buses, our trolley fleet, and SkyTrain all continue to run smoothly, so that we can get you home safe.

But, as you know, sometimes traffic woes and slippery roads mean there are some inadvertent delays.

Read on to find out what this means for your snowy commute.

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6 tips for travelling on transit this winter

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Earlier this month, we told you about what SkyTrain, bus and HandyDART are doing to prepare for winter. We’re back to share with our customers six helpful tips for travelling on transit this winter, including in snowy and icy conditions!

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