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Party on the SkyTrain this Halloween

Party on the SkyTrain this Halloween

Put your costume on and board the SkyTrain for a Halloween party tonight!

Seriously: this Friday night, the Vancouver Public Space Network is hosting its second annual Halloween SkyTrain party, complete with a 500MW sound system.

Everyone is invited, and here’s how you can join in, according to the official invitation notice:

All souls should converge in their finest costumes at VCC Clark SkyTrain Station at 8:45pm and wait for instructions. We’ll be leaving promptly at 9:00pm and will be riding the loop into the nether regions of the Lower Mainland before returning to Vancouver.

From there, we’ll disembark and hold court with a 100% rain-proof after-party in our newest top-secret public space location. The whole thing will be wrapped up by 11:00pm – leaving you plenty of time to rock out at all the other good parties going on around town.

Andrew Pask from the Vancouver Public Space Network says the Halloween party is just a way for people to experience public spaces from a different perspective. “People think of public spaces as a static entity, that what they’re used for is the only thing they can be used for,” he said. “We encourage people to celebrate them and animate them, and these transit parties enable that.”

Remember, make sure you’re carrying proof of payment when you’re on the train. The Vancouver Public Space Network also wants to remind everyone to be kind to the train carrying you on the loop, remember to take everything with you when you leave, and to mind your manners and keep the good vibes going—no smoking and no jumping around, especially.

Check out the official Halloween SkyTrain party page for more!


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