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No more registration for comments

No more registration for comments

Everyone: we’ve dropped registration for comments on the blog!

Why? Because lots of people were having trouble writing comments on blog posts, and we wanted people to be able to communicate with us easily. So, goodbye registration.

Now all you have to do is write in your name and e-mail address to comment on any post. But we still want you to follow our participation guidelines when commenting here, and we’ve placed a link to the guidelines above the comment entry area to remind you of that.

So with that in mind, comment away! And feel free to send me an e-mail if the comment system still isn’t working properly for you.

Edit: If you’ve already created an account, feel free to continue using it if you like. Just login here:

Edit 2: We have removed all existing subscribers from the database to deal with a weird commenting issue described in the comments below. So, unfortunately, it means you can’t log in with your old accounts anymore.


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