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Something neat: e2 Transport documentary series

Something neat: e2 Transport documentary series

If you’re interested in how other cities handle their transport issues, you might want to check out “London: The Price of Traffic,” a new e2 documentary streaming online. (Go to Webcasts and then scroll down the list on the left to select the video.)

e2 is a critically acclaimed PBS documentary series about the innovators and pioneers who envision a better quality of life on earth. The series has already done two seasons on design, urban planning, and energy challenges around the world, and this season, they’re taking a look at transportation.

The London documentary is really well made, and under all its ominous music, there’s a great exploration of the city’s transportation challenges, the controversial congestion charge, plus public space development and Olympic goals. (I didn’t know that the city had consciously pushed Trafalgar Square into being a more accessible public space!)

Anyway, I thought it was pretty fascinating just to see how another city deals with its transportation issues, and I just wanted to share in case you were interested. e2 has four more transport documentaries in the series which I know I’ll take a look at: subjects include Paris’ public bicycle program, Seoul’s restoration of a stream in its downtown core, Portland’s transit oriented developments, and aviation.

And again, this isn’t a TransLink endorsed video or anything, and we’re not affiliated with the developers or their creation—I just thought it was neat! Thanks to Stephen Rees for pointing out this series on his blog.


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