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Video of the SkyTrain security press conference

My colleague Drew Snider has a new post up on his blog about media coverage of the SkyTrain security plan, which the Buzzer blog talked about last week. (There’s been a lot of interesting discussion over at that post so far, and Miss604 even linked to it in a post about the same topic.) Anyway, we actually filmed the whole press conference, and the video is available on YouTube if you’re interested in hearing the full discussion with Doug Kelsey, Ward Clapham, and the media in attendance. Again, check out Drew’s new post for the links.


  • By Estefano, December 10, 2008 @ 9:09 pm

    I wonder what will grandville street look like after its repaved

  • By Indi Kaur Sidhu, December 14, 2008 @ 4:21 pm

    I’ve had folks in past years approach me on sky-train including employees ask me about my child, who are these jokers?! and they teill me they’re ‘gonna have a look’ and pull back the canopy of the stroller ….. etc. one woman I challenged her and she said I had mental health issues and one other said we’re not in a hospital we’re out in public, deary…..these two women are I suppose childless and approaching me, now I don’t spend alot of time on skytrain but when I do, I’d like NOT TO BE APPROACHED in this manner. another two somebodies screamed and yelled ‘no baby’ as well…..what up with that ?! see my question about the turnstiles and moms with baby buggies. I now wear the kid in a ‘snugli’ but even the employes of London Drugs (Delta-N) had their hands in there. Gees, what’s goin’ on ?! I’ve told NCMEC about this…..not blaming Translink/buses though . ( and info pamphlets, etc. available for printing out and / or for 1 free of each, to be sent. I recommend (Guidelines For Health Care Professionals: Prevention of and ‘reaction’ to Infant Abduction ….. which includes info for parents. As well as Analysis of Infant Abduction. outside the health care facility there’s more of this, as well with more incidence of violence twd Mom. THANX for your care in this very serious matter. Mrs. Indi Kaur Sidhu.

  • By Mrs. Cross, March 6, 2009 @ 3:29 pm

    My big complaint is these people with the buggies getting on the bus and expecting elderly people to move so they can place their (foldup) buggies in the spot where handicapped or Elderly should be sitting. Don’t get me wrong if there is no one in these seats No problem, but when everyone expects the people with canes and walkers to move to accomidate these mammoth strollers This is wrong, I have even heard Bus drivers tell elderly to move for the strollers. This is BS When I had my three kids in strollers I was told to fold up my stroller and place my daughters on my lap, Why do these mammoth buggies that take up up to 3 seats get priority over the elderly and Handicapped, It is just plain wrong

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