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Friday fun polls: Exit strategies for the window seat

Friday fun polls: Exit strategies for the window seat

Last Friday, I ran a poll asking where you like to sit on the bus.

After 143 votes, we have the results at right — an almost dead even split between the middle and the back, with a minority picking the front.

Who’d have thought this? I always thought the back was way more popular than the middle. But commenters pointed out that they avoid the front to give the seats to others, and that access to fresh air, smoothness of ride, and time of day are important seat-choice factors when deciding on middle or back seating.


Anyway, for this Friday’s poll, here’s a transit behaviour question I’ve always pondered.

Here’s the situation:

You’re on a bus that isn’t full, and you have the aisle seat in a two-seater bench facing forward. A passenger that you don’t know has the seat next to you, at the window. There is also another two-seater seat in front of you.

Suddenly, the passenger beside you has to get up and get off the bus.

Vote away: I’ll keep this one open until next Friday!


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