The last Pattullo Bridge update (or so we hope)

The last Pattullo Bridge update (or so we hope)


  • The bridge structure was completed on Sunday
  • Traffic safety and control measures were dealt with in the late afternoon through the evening. Bridge did a soft opening at 3am and was open to regular vehicular traffic at 6am


  • Traffic was reported as regular volume for a rush hour on all bridges and roads



  • Weekend service had no issues. We operated with 3 extra trains today but passenger loads looked like a normal weekday
  • We estimate a +20% increase in passengers over the peak times during the work week last week
  • We ran an additional 1,315 additional car hours during last week’s enhanced service
  • Service levels back to normal tomorrow


  • There was little impact on the weekend, with passenger loads at normal volumes
  • A few folks showed up today for the morning Cloverdale shuttle, which will run tonight.
  • We used the shuttles today but there was minimal use by passengers. All the shuttles except Cloverdale shuttle are back to conventional use now and Cloverdale will be making its last runs tonight at the evening rush
  • Burnaby shuttles will be redeployed after today’s afternoon rush.
  • All shuttle customers boarding this pm will get notification


  • Temporary Park & Rides at Home Depot Parking, Holland Park, 10338 and 110th Avenue will be open for one more day on Tuesday, January 27.
  • Temporary Park & Rides at Cloverdale and the King George are terminating tonight

As always, thank you to everyone for for your patience and understanding through this. Remember, you can also check out our Customer Alerts page or the Youtube info stream for more info on the state of the system.