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Transit service update – 10am

Well, look at that, we’ve already got an update on the transit/traffic conditions out there.

  • 320 Service is severely delayed
  • The two shuttles looping at Surrey Central / Guildford are working well at present
  • Northbound 152 Street is now backed up to 88 Avenue
  • 104th Ave is flowing very well 152nd Street to King George Highway
  • Hwy 99 is still backed up somewhere between Hwy 91 and King George Hwy
  • Minimal delays on River Road affecting 640 service
  • C74 and C73 are running late due to traffic volume

Other System Issues

  • Heavy icing on the trolley overhead lines is delaying bus services on the trolley routes in Vancouver this morning. De-icing units and ice cutters are at work, but fog and freezing temperatures are causing ice to reform quickly. The situation is expected to improve shortly as temperatures warm up at sunrise. In the meantime, diesels are running shuttles, particularly on Oak, 41st and Broadway.
  • The de-ice truck is very busy as a result of fluctuating temperatures.
  • East Vancouver wires are experiencing ice issues. Shuttles are being deployed to assist from Columbia Station.
  • One shuttle on Nanaimo / One on Arbutus…more being deployed.
  • Several buses are stuck on McGill between Nanaimo and Renfrew due to ice on wires.


  • By Donald, January 19, 2009 @ 1:02 pm

    Is this going to happen every winter? Is New Flyer even addressing these issues? The old trolleys didn’t seem to have these issues. What are we going to do for 2010 games? This is a huge problem.

  • By Dan, January 19, 2009 @ 5:53 pm

    From every driver i talked to. CMBC didn’t even send out the deicer truck. or have ghost trolleys running. It seems like the “Snow Plan” is a joke. I never even saw the deicer truck in service. They also have the historic “tressels” V1109 that squirted anti freeze on the overhead.

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