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A few notes for the SkyTrain silent dance party on Saturday

A few notes for the SkyTrain silent dance party on Saturday

SkyTrain will play host to a silent dance party on Saturday.
SkyTrain will play host to a silent dance party on Saturday.

So, it looks like thousands have signed up via Facebook for a silent SkyTrain dance party on Saturday, Feb. 21.

A few articles on the dance party have also been run in the media, which likely means many more have now heard of the event. Hey, and Toronto’s doing the same thing on the same day, too!

Well. My first response is: cool! I also know SkyTrain is totally all right with being the site for some old fashioned fun on Saturday. (Also: does me talking about this mean the event isn’t cool anymore? Uh… sorry about that.)

If you are going to attend, we just want to remind you of some basic rules so the event stays fun and safe for everybody. I’ll just quote them from the Facebook group page, so it’s all clear:

  1. No alcohol or drugs on the train. There is a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol on the trains. It is against the law. That law will be enforced. Plus, trust me, drugs and or alcohol and dancing for an hour on a packed train do not mix.
  2. Pay your fare. It’s the law and it will be enforced.
  3. Do not hold the doors open. Another train is just minutes away. Plus holding doors open will delay all passengers including you.
  4. Consider boarding at a station other than Granville. A two-car Mark II train holds about 260 people. If everyone boards at Granville Station there is going to be a long wait.
  5. No jumping. Lots of deep knee bending moves, but no jumping. It’s not safe for the dancer or other passengers.
  6. Take your garbage with you. Organizers should consider bringing garbage bags. Recyclables can be sorted later.
  7. Safety. Remember, these are moving trains. Walk, don’t run when on platforms and at stations especially when travelling in large groups of people. We want this event to be a happy one. Plus, review safety features on trains and station platforms BEFORE the event.
  8. Respect. Remember not everyone on the trains and platforms will know about your event or want to be a part of it. If a train is full of “partiers” move to another train…it will be just minutes away.

Authorities including Transit Police are aware of the party, so they’ll be on hand in case they’re needed.

And in general: dance, have fun, and stay safe on Saturday! And let me know if you get any photo/video from the event — I’d love to put it up on the blog here.


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