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Friday fun poll: more questions for the window seat

Friday fun poll: more questions for the window seat

So last Friday, I ran a poll about how to properly move so that others could vacate the window seat.

After 181 votes, the vast majority voted for “As much as possible, you should get up and out of your seat to let the passenger pass by” (77%). Only six per cent said it was best to turn your legs into the aisle without getting up. Another 22 per cent thought it was fine to use either method.

A comment from Eugene Wong probably sums the results up best:

“I think that just rotating legs is okay when the person doesn’t need much space. In general, though, the correct thing to do is to stand up, and give the person more space.”

But while the results were pretty strong, I should probably point out diversity of opinion still exists on this issue. So next time you find somebody just turning to let you by, hey — they just might be part of the six per cent above, or those 22 percent who were okay with both.

I don’t think we heard much from the six-per-centers in that earlier post, by the way. As reader Rob pointed out in a comment:

“I wonder about the people who vote for the second option… it suggests that standing up is not ok (if it was, they’d pick the third option). Who are these anti-standers? Do they walk (sit?) among us?”

Are you out there? Would you like to speak up regarding your position? I think we’d love to hear from you!


New poll time! As suggested by Holly in the comments from the last poll, it’s going to be about the window seat again.

Again, here’s the situation:

You’re on a bus that is full. You’re in the aisle seat of a two-seater bench (There’s another two-seater bench immediately in front of this one.)

Suddenly, the passenger beside you gets up and gets off the bus. (You of course get up out of your seat to let them by!)

Get your votes in before next Friday!


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