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Friday fun poll: do you have a secret friend at your transit stop?

Friday fun poll: do you have a secret friend at your transit stop?

Last week I asked if you stepped off your transit vehicle when standing near the doors, with people rushing to exit behind you.

After 142 votes, 61 per cent said you do step off the bus when people are rushing to get out, and 39 per cent said you stay on the bus and let people exit around you.

Well, that’s certainly a closer result than our previous poll! Anyway, in the comments, the “step-offers” were much more vocal than the standers. Here’s Dan Udey:

I don’t know if I’d classify ’standing in the doorway’ as a strategy. Generally it just serves to make everyone’s life harder (including the stander, who gets shoved around as people try to get off the bus).

And Dan B also added a few more thoughts on the matter:

I dislike it when people stand in the doorways of buses as well. Usually there are free seats or room away from the doors. I surmise that the people who do stand in the doorway like the extra room, even though it is technically forbidden by the placards. Many times, people stand in the doorways so they can chat with their friends, or because they like the extra room — even in cases where there are free seats!


New poll time! Bet you’re wondering what I’m talking about with this “secret friend” business.

I’m officially naming this type of person a “secret friend.” If you have an alternate term, please feel free to suggest it. And if you have actually talked to your secret transit friend, tell us all about it in the comments :)


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