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Friday fun poll: do you run to catch a transit vehicle?

Friday fun poll: do you run to catch a transit vehicle?

If you like, you can skip to the end of this post to answer the running poll.

Results from last poll: favourite SkyTrain car

Last week I asked about your favourite SkyTrain car.

Hands down, the Mark II was the favourite — out of 224 votes on this poll (a new record!), 71% chose the Mark II, and 29% were fans of the Mark I.

Poor old Mark I! Lots of people picked out of sheer nostalgia, or really liked its seating design. Here’s Kewl:

I chose the Mark 1 easily. The flip up seats by the doors makes it easy for the physically challenged to get into and creates the perfect common area for luggage, strollers, wheelchairs or bikes. The Mark 2 has that stupid barrier that forces strollers and wheelchairs to block the doorway way. Also the Mark 1 bench seat design provides a wide opening for people to stand.

But the Mark II had plenty of fans of its seating arrangement, plus points for a smoother ride. Here’s Robert:

MK2 hands down. A lot smoother and more quiet than the MK1s. Extra standing room in the joint more than makes up for the narrow aisles in the 2-2 seat area. Better lighting and less claustrophobic as well. But please, no more 2-car train sets to Surrey during rush hour; let’s use more of the platform for faster loading and unloading! We do need the MK1s to keep up with rush hour demand. Slight nod to MK1 for engine sound and MK2 for wheel sound (sounds more modern and high tech).

Many more comments can be found at the original post, as usual.

This week’s poll: Do you run to catch your transit vehicle?

This week’s poll was kindly suggested by Eric! Edit: Eric has now written an actual post on his blog detailing why he doesn’t run for transit vehicles.

Comments are welcome, as always! And enjoy the long weekend, everyone!


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