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Friday fun poll: have you ever fallen asleep and missed your stop?

Friday fun poll: have you ever fallen asleep and missed your stop?

If you like, you can skip to the end of this post to answer the sleeping on transit poll.

Results from last poll: running for boarding transit vehicles

Last week I asked about whether you run to catch a boarding transit vehicle.

And after 175 votes, 62% of you said Yes and 38% said no!

The comments were really interesting. Tsushima Masaki said it was dependent on the situation — if it’s an infrequent bus, that’s when you run. However, ;-) said he didn’t run often because more frequent service and better mobile access to scheduling makes it easier to predict when you should be at the stop, so you can plan ahead. And Steven expressed that frantic running for transit could in fact be dangerous for many—drivers, passengers, pedestrians, etc!

We also got a few interesting observation/tips. Here’s Dave2 regarding waiting for the SkyTrain:

Broadway/Commercial is too crowded, and if I miss an E/B Millenium line train I’ll just resign myself to a 5 minute wait for the next train. What gets me is people that run for a W/B train at Broadway in the AM rush…trains dwell there for 45 seconds so usually I just casually walk on after the runners have passed, and if the train leaves it’s only 90-100 seconds until the next one.

And George had a few more thoughts:

I have also noticed that generally drivers on the less frequent, evening, and community shuttle routes are more likely to wait for a running passenger. That makes sense since waiting for another 30 mins would waste so much time. Furthermor I think if you are the last passeneger to enter a bus, you should quickly look back to see if someone is running to catch the bus and maybe you could kindly hold up the bus for that person. Someone did that for me and it’s really appreciated.

Again, Eric, who suggested this poll, wrote a post on his blog explaining why he doesn’t run for buses: his thoughts are very similar to mine, actually. And many more comments can be found at the original post, as always.

This week’s poll: have you ever fallen asleep and missed your stop?

Well, have you?

Also, if you have fallen asleep on transit, did you pass several stops before you woke up? (Personally I fall asleep on transit a lot, but I’ve never actually missed my stop!)


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